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“Conventional society and free Social Media” – Muhammad Sultan Shah

Neither everything is meant to be shared nor everyone deserve to know everything about you…Specially your personal life!!! We human beings live among various social circles. The closest blood relationships with parents, our siblings then relatives, neighbors and acquaintances, class ...

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How Noise Pollution of Big Cities Can Affect Your Health?

As is the beautiful voice of a beloved or calming sound of a musical track a good way to relax, so is the harsh and loud sounds disastrous and stressful. Any sound above the range of 80db is considered as ...

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Destructive topics in Pakistani Dramas! – Muhammad Sultan Shah

“Reviewing current trend of unhealthy topics like Divorce and invitation for producing healthy dramas with strong topics!!!” In my school days, there was a scenario in a drama named ‘Ye Zindagi’ featuring Nauman Aijaz and Mah Noor Baloch. After a ...

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Snatching and… Aftereffects – Muhammad Sultan Shah

Two of my office colleagues went to Karachi for their annual vacations this EID-UL-FITAR. After coming back, they told me about some great improvements going on in the city; mainly regarding progress in the basic infrastructure and enhanced law and ...

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