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Pen Day is observed at The AIMS School & College in remembrance APS Peshawar

The AIMS school & College Murree Expressway organized an event in the memory of the martyred in Peshawar attack December 16 ,2014 .
The objective of the program was to spread the message of peace and the strength of Pen ? . Students of The AIMS school & college gave tribute by to all the educators and members who were victimised. The program was started with recitation of Sura e Qalam and the recitation ended on Sura e Alye Imran where Allah S.W.T. pay tribute to martyred ones.
Tabloid and Motivational song was dedicated by the students .
The C.E.O. & Principal Mr. Imtiaz Ali Rizvi in his address motivated all the students and educators by his kind words . He addressed,
“It is a day completely devoted to promoting global solidarity for building a peaceful and sustainable world.The power of pen can never be challenged by anyone . It is indeed a time to educate the public on issues of concern, to mobilize ethical and moral will and resources to address problems, and to achieve, celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity. This is the day to let all the educators and students remember that close doors by terrorism can be opened with the power of Pen. Muddy uniform with blood spots can be replaced but the students and educators we lost will always be in our memories , heart and mind to enlighten our soul .”

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