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Taliban posted 15 demands, Amnesty, dropping charges included

Taliban’s ‘political Shura’ and negotiations committee met at an undisclosed location in North Waziristan for the second consecutive day and produced as many as fifteen demands to put forward in front of the government’s negotiation committee.
According to News sources, the demands are:

1. Drone attacks must be stopped.

2. Impose Shariah system in Pakistan courts.

3. Impose Islamic education system in public and private schools of Pakistan.

4. Release local and foreign prisoners from Pakistani prisons.

5. Reconstruction and compensation of buildings and public properties in tribal areas destroyed as a result of drone attacks and military operation.

6. Hand over the control of tribal areas to local force i.e. Khasadar force and Levies force whereas Frontier Corps stay within their forts.

7. Withdrawal of troops and abolishment of check-posts in tribal areas.

8. Drop all charges and cases against Tehrik-e-Taliban.

9. Exchange of prisoners… i.e. both sides release each other’s prisoners.

10. Establish uniformity of rights of rich and poor.

11. Monetary compensation and government jobs be given to the heirs of those killed in drone strikes or military operation.

12. Pronounce amnesty for Taliban commanders wanted by the government.

13. Formally renounce supporting America and its war on terror.

14. Abolish democratic system and impose Shariah system.

15. Abolish economic system of interest and riba.

Taliban central Shura had also met at an undisclosed location in North Waziristan on Saturday under Taliban deputy chief Sheikh Khalid Haqqani. Professor Ibrahim, Maulana Yousaf and Maulana Haseeb had informed TTP about the demands of the government committee, following which, the TTP had put forward its own set of conditions.

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