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Junaid Jamshed and 47 Passengers Died as PIA Plane Crashed Near Havelian

At least 47 passengers have been feared dead as a Pakistan International Airlines plane flying from Chitral has reportedly crashed on its flight to Islamabad.

Brother of Junaid Jamshed has confirmed the reports of Junaid  and his wife traveling in the ill-fated plane.

A photograph showing the crash site. ? Local police

Flight PK-661 with 47 passengers went missing near Abbottabad while it was on its way to Islamabad.

The flight departed from Chitral around 3:30pm and was expected to land at Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport at around 4:40pm.

A PIA spokesperson told media  that flight PK-661 had disappeared from the air control radar.

According to military’s media wing ISPR, army troops and helicopters have been dispatched to the crash site for rescue efforts.

“We regret to inform that PIA’s ATR-42 aircraft operating as PK-661, carrying around 40 persons lost its contact with control tower on its way from Chitral to Islamabad a short while ago. All resources are being mobilised to locate the aircraft. Media will be kept informed as situation develops,” PIA spokesperson Danial Gilani said in a statement.

“PIA’s emergency response center has been activated and can be accessed at following phone numbers for updates: 0092-21-99044890, 0092-21-99044376 and 0092-21-99044394,” he added.

Air-hostesses Sadaf Farooq and Asima Adil were on board the plane. DC Chitral Usama Warriach, Ali Akram, the first officer and two air guards of ASF were in the plane among other passengers.

The passenger list is below:

Pakistan International Airlines Passenger Manifest

Flight/Date – PK 0661 07DEC16


  1. Abid Qaiser

  2. Ahsan SS

  3. Ahtiram ul Haq

  4. Aisha

  5. Akbar Ali

  6. Akhtar Mehmood

  7. Amir Shoukat

  8. Amna Ahmed

  9. Maahrukh Ahmed

  10. Asim Waqas

  11. Ateeq Muhammad

  12. Farah Naz

  13. Farhat Aziz

  14. Gohar Ali

  15. Gul Norani

  16. Haji Nawaz

  17. Han Qiang

  18. Harald Kessler

  19. Hassan Ali

  20. Herwig Eichelbenger

  21. Junaid Nahya

  22. Khan Junaid Jamshed

  23. Mehmood Atud

  24. Mirza Gul

  25. Farhan Ali

  26. Muhammad Ali Khan

  27. Muhammad Khalid Masood

  28. Muhammad Khan

  29. Muhammad Khawar

  30. Muhammad Nouman Shafique

  31. Muhammad Takbeer Khan

  32. Nigar Uddin

  33. Osama Ahmed Warraich

  34. Rani Mehreen

  35. Salman Zainulabidin

  36. Sami SA

  37. Samina Gul

  38. Shamshad Begum

  39. Taiba Aziz

  40. Taimoor Arshid

  41. Umara Khan

  42. Zahida Perveen

Total Passengers

Male – 31 Female ? 9 Infants ? 2


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  2. Such a sad news, inalilahe wa inalilahe rajioun

  3. First of all, i am saddened by the terrible news of a Plane Crashing in which many Innocent lives are lost including Mr. Junaid Jamsed :-

    May ALLAH grant all the Souls of this tragic accident higher Ranks & forgive them .

    Then i saw many people on different FB-pages reacting differently – most of them did react in a Humane & sensible ways showing their sadness and grief while many INDIANS – including some PAKISTANI people were still spewing their hateful venom & hatred in such a dreadful, deplorable & disgusting way which is beyond any sense, far beyond my beliefs . This shows how LOW we can fall in order to show our true faces & we never Miss any opportunity even “Death” !

    Have you guys ever seen an Animal’s Death?
    How other Animals react around a Deal Animal – even to. Different Specie’s death AND today we have proved and set another great example of our greatest Values of so called Humanity in such a Despicable, Abhorrent & Disgustingly Filthy way !!!

    These Souls we lost in this Sad Accident must have Felt really happy by leaving such a Filthy World where people have left no Empathy , no real Humanity, no such Values & no such Kindness!

    Rest in Peace Humanity !!!

    These Lost Souls are indeed Martyrs !!!!!

    “”Losing Faith on Humanity””


    He Writes

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