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DUNK – Internet went Gaga Over Fahad Sheikh’s Performance

As we all know, Fahad Sheikh never fails to impress us with his exceptional and extraordinary acting skills and yet always adds creativity to his work. And ever since the recent episode got aired, there has been a complete stir. Fans of Fahad Sheikh have been going crazy over his scenes in the new episode and over his mesmerizing acting.

The viewers extremely enjoyed watching this episode because Fahad Sheikh had won the hearts of his fans again since they were waiting for him to up the ante finally had their chance to see him break the shackles and side with the truth. The audience has been spreading positive memes and posts on social media like; “Safeer Rocked, Everyone Shocked” and “Waqt badl diye, jazbaat badl diye” and many more interesting ones have flooded the internet, praising Fahad for his wonderful performance. They have also made DUNK to trend on Twitter and have been saying that the episode belongs to Safeer and he has blown us with his prepossessing acting.

Fans were not really expecting the unexpected plot twist and for Fahad Sheikh to nail his performance in this episode. The audience has stated how they are looking forward to the next episode and that the suspense is making them very eager to see more. The teaser/promo for the next episode has genuinely been teasing them to know more for what’s going to happen next.

In the promo/teaser, Saira (Yasra Rizvi) is seen reminding Amal’s lawyer how he had visited her house and emotionally harassed her in order to pressurize her to not be a part of the case. In between which, Safeer as in our very own, Fahad Sheikh is seen feeling remorseful towards how he doubted his mother’s upbringing and how much he had hurt her and then asked for forgiveness from her. Which was a very sentimental moment for the viewers, fans of Fahad Sheikh felt sad and sympathetic towards him and praised his tendency for being so calm and soft.

The respectful nature in his character immensely suits Fahad Sheikh, since he himself outside of his characters, is a respectful young man with an epitome of grace, talent and personality. And after the recent episode, Fahad Sheikh has won great number of respects from numerous fans from all across Pakistan and of course from the viewers of DUNK and otherwise. We can’t wait to see him impress us in more drama serials and episodes, like the way in which he has been flattering us with his acting skills and expressions in DUNK, the drama serials, Azmaish where he’s seen with Yashma Gill, Jalan co starring Minal Khan, Mubarak Ho Baiti Hui Hai which was a very famous drama of Fahad, Badbakht with Sabeena Syed and Khudparast starring with Ramsha Khan, along so many more drama serials and many in the future to come.

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