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Azmaish – We Can’t Get Over Fahad Sheikh’s Acting Skills

The famous drama serial, Azmaish that has been airing day by day at ARY Digital is down with not many more scenes but the recent episode has got us all stunned.

Azmaish is a series of two sisters and their step sister. It portrays how the step sister is being treated in a bad way. Tufail (Shahood Alvi) gets married to Almas (Laila Wasti) after the death of his first wife to care for his two spoiled girls Shiza (Yashma Gill) and Samreen (Minsa Malik). Almas’ own little girl Nimrah (Kinza Hashmi) faces abuse from them.

In the recent episode, Fahad Sheikh is seen on call mentioning that he requires a house where the girl (Nimra) can stay safe.To which hearing, Nimra questions why is he doing so much for her, which in reply Basit clarifies that he’s not doing much, in fact he has promised Nimra’s mother that he would let nothing happen to her. Nimra insisted that she could go to her father and convince him, to which Basit said there’s no need for that until Shiza (Yashma Gill) is there. Not only that, he is also seen taking her out for Coffee, which is just oh so cute! Rest of the cast members like, Shahood Alvi as Tufail, Gul e Rana as Tufail’s sister, Minsa Malik as Samreen and of course Yashma Gill as Shiza are seen in the episode as well, and they have all acted in a mesmerising way. Kinza Hashmi’s innocent acting is splendid and we just love how Fahad Sheikh smiles so charmingly.

Fahad Sheikh was immensely loved and adored by the audience in Jalan, it had changed everything for Fahad Sheikh. People started recalling him with the name “Ahmer” and it stirred a buzz all over the internet.

And of course, once again, Azmaish has also won the hearts of the audience. Social media is bombarded with posts and messages praising Fahad Sheikh’s acting and the chemistry between Fahad Sheikh and Kinza Hashmi as well as the chemistry between Yashma Gill and Fahad Sheikh. It has developed a hurricane all over the internet admiring the on screen chemistry between the beautiful Kinza and Yashma with the handsome Fahad. Especially in two of the previous episodes of Azmaish, Fahad Sheikh has turned into the most appealing thing in the show at this moment. And the way he divorces Shiza in an episode gave us major flashbacks of the time when he divorced Amal in Dunk at the court. Similarly this episode from Azmaish also came in very astonishing for all of us, the audience was amazed. The way he had delivered his dialogues was just so impeccable.

Fahad Sheikh’s upcoming movie, You, Me, and Us has led to the end of its shooting and soon we will get to see the teasers. He’s on the road to more success, and he is just unstoppable.

Not just that, but he is also a part of Yasir Hussain’s debut directorial for drama serial, where Fahad Sheikh is the main lead, and we are excited to see him in more future projects. He is demonstrating that hard work leads to ultimate success. Also, the way he is taking care of his acts right now is inconceivable. Hats off to him for working this difficult to accomplish his objectives. Such a motivation he is for every one of the gifted individuals around us. Anyone who is contemplating seeking after an acting profession ought to follow his excursion. And how can we forget his handsome and charming looks, his hair all set and his eyes so dreamy, we just can’t stop looking at him. Cannot wait to see more of him, until then lets wait for the next episode of Azmaish since the promo has left the audience in a complete shocking state as it shows that Nimra (Kinza Hashmi) gets hit by a car. Which is definitely a shocking twist to the whole serial. Well, we will have to wait for the next episode to find out more.

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