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Value TV Re-Launched In Lahore

The Value TV campaign has hit Lahore and the launch is all set take place today.

The brand they are launching with an altogether new image, a new logo and an exciting new channel graphics and ID with astate-of-the-art newsroom which has been kept under wraps and will be unveiled today when they change their transmission to an all new look and programming.

Mr. Ali Shaur is the one heading up marketing and sales at Value TV and has taken on the services of Fouray’s Advertising to accomplish his mission.

Their new tagline “Kuch Barh Kar” is part of their new corporate vision of giving people that something extra. The ValueNews bureau now has a bigger reporting team that will assure even more insightful, in-depth and professional analysis of the happenings around Lahore and the Channel has picked up some major heavyweight journalistic talents to make this all possible. The infotainment programming has also been totally revamped and promises exciting new content that will engage everyone including males, females and even the youth of Lahore.

Value will also offer “Kuch Barh Kar” to the female audiences with  Live talk shows in the evening, celebrity gossips, fashion related content and a whole lot more programming customized for their viewing. Value has even come up with programming that has been customized for the youth dealing with their issues and subject matters.

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