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The Untold Story of the 1971 Curtain Raiser Announcement

On December 7, 2021, famous filmmaker Javed Jabbar will release his long-awaited documentary, “Separation of East Pakistan – The Untold Story,” which will reveal the truth of Pakistan’s partition 50 years ago. In the documentary, which will be released on December 16th, real facts are presented and events leading up to Bangladesh are pieced together. Experts from across the world and in their own countries provide an impartial perspective and reveal knowledge that has never been shared before.

Documentary filmmakers employ a present-day point of view to look back at events from the past, revealing what actually happened and examining different points of view from a purely factual and reliable standpoint. The documentary’s goal is to present a complete and accurate account of the events of 1971 and the breakup of East Pakistan for a general audience with just a passing familiarity with the period.

As Bangladesh approaches its 50th anniversary, this documentary offers an introspective look back at the events of that period, including the political standstill, incitement to violence, and outside influence and intervention. It is a positive start towards improving ties between the two countries.

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