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A Special Interview with Ex Pop Singer Junaid Jamshed

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  1. Nice work. Keep it up JJ

  2. I would just like to let you know how much I learn from your articles Dugg u.Hope 2 be back in the near future for some more good articles

  3. only before 2 days i heard the zunaid islamic sngs,realy i love this song vry much.and i pray to allah ki ap haq ki dawat mai bahut kayab ho jaye

  4. Hello You
    you must say this is a ubercool article you enjoyed reading it keep dha good work
    Anyway, what do you think about ear?

  5. Moin
    i looked over your site and it looks really good. Do you ever do link exchanges on your site roll? If you do, Id like to exchange links with you. Let me know if youre interested.
    Cu Soon

  6. Very informative post. Thanks for taking the time to share your view with us.

  7. I appreciate JJ, but i have an idea that if a person earns lots of money through activities, not permitted by islam, and later he left those activities, but he didn’t left that money and the fame attached with his previous life, and started new halal business, then whats the big deal. Nothing my friends! He will be a real ideal, only if he started all this new thing from scratch, without his labeled name or money. I will only praise him, if will do this.

  8. allah hamai bhi junaid bhai ki thara istaqamat naseeb atta farmaia

  9. I highly encourage Junaid Jamshed’s courageous steps in making significant change in his life by adopting the islamic way. I am sure this life example provides a road map to others

    May Allah give hidaya to others to follow the right path.

  10. sher shah yousafzai

    search from within,and once u find the beacon,then its no more for a reward from the CREATOR,ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY,may ALLAH give us the strength to search for the beacon within ourselfs,and then the universe will be in our feet,

  11. Riyaz Vilayat Pirkhan

    Junaid done a good work by giving up singing songs. Now he is doing good works by joining Tabligh jamat.Today’s youth which are engaged in western culture needs to learn from Junaid’s life.

  12. its a very hard decision but one who get hidayat and deen ki mehnat then every decision is easy for him

  13. Assalam-O-Alaekum Junaid Bhai
    Its a great Pleasure to See you on the Way to Real Success…App ko dekh ker hi Eman taza ho jata hae just like this time in Raiwind …
    Please pray for me as well..


  15. Assalam-o-alikum

    Junaid bhai ne ye bohat hi mushkil or sahi faisla kiya hai apni dunyawi name or luxury ko chor ker or meri dua hai Allah app ko mazeed himmat or istaqamat ataa farmaye. App ab sahi mai hamaray liyee aik icon ban chukay hain. we r proud of u. or Allah tamam musalmanoo ko sahi mainoo mai Musalman bannnayki taufaeeq day.

  16. amershazad abbottabad

    salam ..allah aap ko rohani khusi aur alla muqaam atta farmay.ham sab aap k is iqdaam say bohat khush hain ,mujy pura yaqeen ha k is ka ajar allah aap ko day ga allah ham sab par apna karm farmay,,ameen

  17. salam alaikiam,
    junaid bhai i m impressed aap jis makam par hain ALLAH (rub e jalil)aap ko ko wahan kaim rakhay bas aap say guzarish hai k musalmanon par honay wala tashada jo DR AFFIA SIDDIUE ki shakal may nazar aya hi is par aapki kya rai hai

  18. Waqar Ahmed Abbasi

    You an take a farmer out of country but you can never take country out of farmer…..

  19. May Allah bless you and you family including whole ummah.
    May all our Ummah accept the same path as yours.
    Now you are a real vital sighn for all of us.

  20. Abdullah Hussaini


    Ive never met a person like Junaid Jamshed in my life YET.
    He has come to the mosque near my house on a sehroza, and Alhamdolillah i got the opportunity to meet him and talk to him for quite some time.
    What Allah Has granted him i.e. Hidaya is beyond any worldly comfort or Present u can imagine of.
    Great Personality and May Allah always keep him firm on the right path.s

  21. Muhammed Salman Butt

    Your desicion is audacious and believe me every one respet you more.

  22. Muhammed Salman Butt

    Junaid Bhai your deicion is heroic and ALLAH gives you more respect than the former proffession believe me.

  23. It was a bold n good decision but if Shoib Mansoor was so attached with junaid then why now he is so much opposing you,
    n the movie “Khuda K Liye” is distracting youngsters, specially i was shocked abt the permission for a girl to marry a nonmuslim.!Is it true??

  24. It is not the politicians or the actors or players that makes Pakistan great. It is the personality of scholars like Tariq Jameel and personalities like Junaid Jamshied makes this great Islamic nation a great. May Allah protect that country and bring forth persons who serves Islam and carry its spirit.

  25. Faraz Muhammad Khan

    I wish i could get the same blessing like Junaid bhai got ,I tried to meet him in Jamats and Ijtimats but couldnt get him.People should realize the loss n the profit he got from this .This is the best example to change our lives.GOD bless u all.

  26. Junaid Bhai, We are so proud of you and by we I mean the Pakistani Nation. The path you have chosen is what we all shall choose. May ALLAH give you istaiqamat and enlighten you heart with faith and love.

  27. jj have to write his biogrphy which will b helpfull for others in the way of deen.
    and junaid keep it up we r with u.


  29. JJ!!
    u R raeLLy a gReat mAn..

    mAy AllAh bless u n ur
    communitY allways..
    MaY He also bless HADAYAH

  30. Abdul Rauf Jangda (from dubai)

    I met junaid few times. Once when he came to my house in Karachi, he saw my newely grown beared. And he said Rauf you look much better in this long beared. On that time I told him that; usually people do good things and earn their fame. Then they use this fame in doing wrongs. But you (junaid) is unique in this as he earned his fame from doing wrong, and now he is using his fame for doing good. Allah SWT protects him from all kind of harms. He is simply Pakistan’s asset.

  31. Sir,

    ma music ko bura nahi samajhta tha, magar when my favorite personality left it , i too,

    i use to do guitars

    well still i do for sometime but strictly for my self


    if any one can answer my question

    this is my e-mail

  32. Allah Junaid jamshed ko istiqamt ata farmay,sary mulamano ko toba ki tofeeq ataa famay. Ameen

  33. Assalam o alikum, i found the argument that he presented against music not only throughly convincing but quite encouraging to look at the other side of music’s enjoyment. May ALLAH guide us to a better…purer path [ameeen].

  34. I like Junaid So Much.

  35. I am proud of this guy.
    Junaid keep it up
    So many will follow you

  36. I hope that Junaid Jamshed should write a complete biography on his life so that it can be a learning stuff for everyone

  37. Junaid You made a very bold decesion, i prayed that God alway keep you on the way You choose Now.you was living life one can dream for, and no body can leave that glamouous world with out a strong believe like you have.

    God bless you ever

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