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An Excerpt from Shahab Nama



  1. this book is so amazing and entertaining that u want to read it again and again…..

  2. Good work A wonderfully done literary revitalization indeed. it’s a a pity that the modern word is depriving young folks of the soothening pleasures of book reading. It’s too good to see that some good people feel the need to focus it.

  3. i read this book 4 months back during my a-levels vacation. it was so addictive that i couldn’t quit reading. i finished it in 4 days. the more i read, the more i had to read. it’s worth reading.!!

  4. I bought this book many years ago. Since then, I have read it dozens of times. Believe you me, you read it & it will absorb you completely every time. He was indeed a great writter & even more, a great muslim. Muslim world in general & Pakistani people in particular, will remember him forever. May ALLALH bless his soul. AMIN

  5. A thoughtfu book,

  6. Shahab nama is the best book i have ever read. a great book of a great person. may Allah bless his soul. Ameen

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