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Download Talash by Mumtaz Mufti Free Urdu Ebook

Words about author: Mumtaz Mufti was considered a non-conformist writer having liberal views

“TALASH” (search, to look for), is a book in which the author quest for the definition of a true and simple “Muslim”. He is startled to find out that despite of being born in a Muslim family and raised in a Muslim country, the meaning of his own identity is vague to him. The book convinces reader to discover his inner-self and expresses the liberal views of the author about the so-called Islamic scholars and their preaching to our younger generation. It also highlights the true spirit of Quranic teaching in our daily lives. BUT WAIT, this does not mean that Talash is a book full of lengthy mystic lectures rather it is free from rhetoric and is simple to understand.

The First point the author tries to accentuate is the rapport between Allah and human. He strongly criticizes the Illiterate and so-called Islamic scholars ( molvis or ulmay dein) as they are relentlessly depicting a negative and strict image of Allah-man relationship . They are molding the Islamic laws as per their wishes and benefits, due to which there always exists discrepancies in all Islamic issues. This is one of the most obvious reasons that are stopping our younger generation to develop their interest in understanding the real meaning of this balanced religion. Younger generation have clung to the belief that Allah is very strict and is ready to punish us for our every single misdeed. Where as in reality, this is most reliable and strong relationship then any other. He is with us in all the moments of grief as well as joy, he acts a friend and at same time as a mother, he is always listening to you and no matter what you do he always loves you all time and is always ready to forgive you . Instead of being of scared from him (as molvis tell us) it is better to respect him and in order to create a good relationship with Allah we need to take him with us in every single moment of our life.

Next point highlighted by author is that in order for Muslims to prosper it is of extremely important to follow the characteristics (actions) of our Prophet (S.A.W). He have presented some really good examples in the book. Now a days Muslims are taking Islam as a ritual or rather a source of identification. Following the characteristics (serat) of Prophet (P.B.U.H) is paramount way to create the harmony and balance in ones life.

Later the authors’ states that Talash (search) for knowing oneself doesn’t end here rather it is chronic process and one need to struggle for it through out the life. When one will struggle then one will search and this is the basic purpose of Islam. “To find, to discover the underlying secrets” and the only key to reveal these secretes is “HOLY QURAN”.

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