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Download Free Urdu eBook Labbaik by Mumtaz Mufti – Hajj Travelogue

Labbaik is a travelogue and reportage of Mumtaz Mufti’s Hajj. Its a classic of Urdu and is one of the best selling books in Pakistan. In this journey he was accompanied with Qudrat Ullah Shahab and had many mystical experiences. Labbaik will surely introduce you with many different aspects of the Muslim’s greatest event. A different book in tone, and probably there are many critics of Mufti because of this book, but undoubted Labbaik has presented something which any other would dare to do so. A must read for someone especially who is going to perform Hajj!


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  1. mumtaz muti best in urdu literature

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  3. i love this kind of knowldge

  4. exellent service. Appreciated

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