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Download Urdu Book Mann Chale Ka Soda by Ashfaq Ahmed (PTV Drama Manuscript)

Man Chale Ka Soda, a serial written by Ashfaq Ahmed. A master piece of his times. A gala of spiritualism and the way he describes human inter relations with his creator. Ashfaq Ahmed in introduction to his this Drama writes,


“I have studied both religion and science in my career, where in my ToR at an government institution, I had to proof read the text books of science, arts, economics and all stuff. In this time period of almost 12 years, I have noticed that science and religion are just like two sides of coin.”

In this serial Ashfaq Ahmed has tried to link on the religion and science.

In a matter of fact, the hero of the Drama, Khayaam Sarhadi once recalled that, “I am still not sure that what actually the role of “Irshad Ahmed”, based upon, even though I have performed but am not sure about it!”

Isn’t it strange? But I must say, that actually one who watch this drama, loves it. The way I think Ashfaq Ahmed has described religion, spiritualism, science, needs, materialism etc, it’s awesome to watch. I must refer that every one of us should once watch this master piece.
I personally had watched this drama long ago in my school days, then I had no idea about the plot, in fact I hated such kind of dramas, with long scenes, long discussions and all about a maturity.

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  1. The book is about the real conflict between man’s desires and rhe real aim of a true soul.and appeal it that we should find strait way beyound our personal desires

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    no download started from given link

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  5. Slam
    These books are very nice and very interesting and knowledgeable books.

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    ye kitaab padh kar bahot khushi hui.
    musan’nif ka usloob,or tasneefi salaahiyat sey maala maal hey

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