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  1. engr sundus mubeen

    i want to send my poem for bashaoor pakistan,on whch email id i cn send my poem??

  2. well done! Naveed sb
    you are doing a lot for the young generation of Pakistan.May Allah help you.would you like to express your own views on Sufism.To me the only remedy of our current problems lies in Sufism.We have to inject Sufi thought into the blood veins of our young generation
    waiting for your reply
    OK Allah Hafiz

  3. I don’t want to comment, rather want to know that Javed Chaudhary’s Colum on 7th Jan, 2011. He has written “Munafiq e Aazam” but has not mentioned his name. Can you Mr. Javed Chaudhary please tell me his name so that I could go for further research about him? For Answer, I will really be thankful to you.

  4. Ali Ammar Yasir

    I am interested in starting a blog at your site.

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  6. i need books of tariq ismail sagar, naseem hijazi.
    Can any body give me these writer’s books.


  7. Hi dear Naveed

    Hope you will be fine

    Dear i want to download tariq ismail sagar book BHUTTO ZINDA REHTAY AGR. could you post? about ibitians, you doe really great. take care bye

  8. syed Imran Rehman

    Great Effort.
    May Allah showers his blessings upon u.

  9. @ Ash..

    Its all by the Grace of Allah!

    Thanks, Just Praying for me..

    Keep Visiting, Reading, Keep Sharing!

  10. naveed u r really doing an awesome n commendable job.keep it up.the post that forced me to leave this comment is 21DO’S N DONT’S…..a very nice n worth reading post.i’ve some comments upon it but i’ll give it lateron coz of shortage of time.
    once again loads of praise n prays 4 u.
    may ALLAH bless u alot n all of us
    take care

  11. Kindly post programms of Mr. Javed Chaudhry TV programs or tell me where i can find them, i heard he is doing a tv program

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