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Well Played Imran Khan!

Javed Chaudhry pays the tribute to Great Imran Khan. A must read Column which potrays the black face of Islami Jamiat Talba…!Also Imran Khan has been set free, Musharraf Looses His Wicket Against Imran’s Will& Determination. Game On Guys!


  1. I personally spent 4 year in punjab university.
    Shop keepers weep that Jamait make a Bhatta Every Months from Them and i Personally Watch this Scene.
    Our Hr Student Union py ye Ghunday Hamla krty hen.
    Chahy USF Ho, ISF ya phir ISO…!
    ye bad kirdaar laanti loog hen.
    Khuda In Zalimoon ko Gharq kary.

  2. aap ne sabt kr deya k aap sach k sath hen …. aap ka ye sadka hamesha yaad rakjhin ….good work for pakistan
    i love u

  3. imran khan aap hero ho.yaha log khud gharz hogain hn.woh srf apna mufad jante hn is k liye unhe kch bhi krna pare.kash aap jesa hr pakistani hota.mjhe or puri qom ko aap pr fakhar he

  4. i just want to say k i m student of karachi university aur idhar ziyada tar student jamiat talba ko hi pasand karte hain aur jamiat ki activities kisi aur political party ki activities se bohat positive hain i just wanna ask a question k agar PU main jamiat ka hold hai to i dont think so k is se unhain koi political faida horaha hai government bhi kisi aur ki hai to yaqeenan student un ki favour karte hain jabhi they are existing there so plz stop spreading negative thinking and be positive!

  5. Saba its not the matter of forgiving them or anybody in person… might Imran khan at individual level can forgive them, and this is the symbol of a great leader, but should we forget what and how bad they really are? this thing shows their inner characteristics, and its just a glimpse what actually they do, our point of view is not only they Imran Khan’s issue but the way they are having the hold upon Punjab University and the way people are suffering there. This issue gave them opportunity to raise their voice and get unite against such forces.

  6. imran khan k khilaaf jab ye karawai hoi to tamam tajziya nigaron k qalam uth gaye laikin point to be noted k imran khan k sath itna bura hoa laikin imran khan ne jamiat k khilaaf koi biyan nahi diya!i didnt listen or read any interview acusing jamiat

  7. ghori sahab shaid theek kherahe hon magar sirf agar ye political trick hoti to wo sirf mafi hi mangte magar suspension of 21 activist shows their regretion. kisi bhi political party ne kabhi bhi is tarah se apni ghalti tasleem nahi ki.jamiat ne yaqinan aik achi riwayat qaim ki hai.we must forgive them and it is also the lesson 4 jamiat to carry out scuritny of their attitude.agar unhe educational insitutes main apni jaga banani hai to unhain aam students ko sath le k chalna hoga aur uska tariqa yqenan mojoda tareqe se diffrent hona chahiye bcoz it is causing reaction againt jamiat.

  8. Ghouri saab is right, they are a fascist group and their history stands witness to it.
    The Saudi connection makes their mother party a puppet of the imperialist nations and their support for Afghan fight and then reaping the fruits in the form of becoming a part of establishment in Pakistan is quite obvious.
    Jamiat ‘s arrogance has set the pace for its downfall, times have changed and people can be fooled some othe time but they cannot be fooled all of the time

  9. Khalid Sahib You are very right but unfortunately you have misread them completely.

    Its a bunch of hypocrites, You are in Islamabad, But I personally spent 3 years in PU, and experienced them well, by observing and even involved in a big crises due to them.

    You talk about Apologizing? with whom Imran Khan? this is a political trick, its a symbol of terror in PU, who else they said sorry till date? all boys who was beaten them, all girls who suffered by them? all teachers who faced the extremism from them, don’t go too far, read the recent columns of Haroon Rasheed even in this site, he got abused by JAMATIES for writing in favor of Imran. This is not an ISLAMIC Party they are Islamic Fascists, thats all and its time we should and at any cost must get rid of them.

  10. i am Phd student from IIUI. I am seeing the accident at pu and its aftershoks very closely. Daily i read news papers, websites to know minute by minute updates from the PU.
    No doubt the behavior with imran was very painful and we all wants the savir punishment to those that capture imran.
    i have read meany belogs, many articals and visited many forums showing the strong reaction against the wrong doers.
    just when i heared this news my feelings were same like the feelings of you all people.
    but after a couple of days my feelings are totaly changed.
    aik student organisation sy main es baat ki bilkul tavaqu naheen rakta tha k wo apni ghalti ko tasleem kay gi. main tu hiran hi ah gia jb main ny suna k jamiat waloon ny es ghalti ko manaa hi nahi balke strict action bi lye hain.
    21 members ko jinoon ny imran k sath batmizi ki thi jamiat sy faragh kr dya gia.
    Jamait PU k president Ayub ny es ghalti ko apni ghalti samja aor resign dy dia.
    Jamiat PU main hony waly es waqee ki tlafi k lye imran khan aor opposition k baqi leaders ko istaqbalya diny ka ilaan kr rehi hy.
    JI waloon ny jamiat ke es ghalti ko ghalti hi keha hy. un ki side lainy k bjay unain imran sy excuse krny ka keha hy. koon baap apny baitoon ko mushkil time main akila churta hy. jamation ny jamiat waloon k sath jitna bura hashar kia hy wo sahid ap main sy koi soch b naan saky. jamaatye jamiat waloon sy baat krny ko teyar nazar naheen aaty, sirf punjab uni main hi naheen pury pakistan main saab ka evia yehi hy.\\
    mujy samaj naheen es saab kuch k bawjud loog aor in sy kia chahty hain.
    Jitni ghalti ho seza bi utni hi honi chahy.
    Kia aap loog bhool gy hain Jinab Imran saib es sy qabl mushraf ki hamayt main pehly Persidential election main kitny bary jalsy ni krty rehy agar ham ny un ki us time ki ghalti ko mooaf kr dia hy tu jamiat waloon ki ye wali ghalti kioon naqabl-e-moaafi hy.
    main naheen samjta ka agar kisi aor jamaat sy esi ghalti hoti b tu wo us ki telafii tu duur ki baat, ghalti ko maan hi laiti.
    Jin taheekon ny zinda rehna hota hy wo forn apna mehsaba krti hain.
    mian k jamiat ka saab sy bra mukhalif tha,
    Imran khan k sath PU main jamiat waloon k es behavior ny nafrt ki aik aag lga di thi.
    JO mrny marny p tulaa baitha tha.
    Aj Jamiat waloon k ehsaas-e-nadamat ny dil jeet lye hain.
    Koon apni kursi churta hy, Mr Ayub tum ny khud hi ye faisla kr k Jamiat waloon ki zindgi ka saboot dy dya hy.
    Ali Noor tumara shukria k tum ny Jamiat waloon k contact numbers dy dye hain.
    Jamiat waloo, tumari aik ghalt harkt ny jehan boat sari ndamtain aormushkilaat akati ki hain wehan tumari ghalti ko manaany aor us pr ndamat k emal ny booat saronn ki dil Jait lye hian.
    “Allah Ko wo banda booat mehboob hy Jo ghalti krta hy, pir usy forn ehsas hota hy, us pr nadam hota hy, Allah ki teraf plt aata hy” Hadith Nabvi (PBUH).

  11. Wonderful.absolutely brillent sir.We have not words for that.

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