Traffic Signal

Javed Chaudhry describes the gravity of law & order problem in Pakistan.


  1. Javed he is a paid servent of so called Shareef family.

    whatever achievent have done is in the era of President Pervez Musharraf, and not in the era of all these corrupt politicians

  2. Dear Mr. Javed,

    Yes u r right saying. unfortunately there is no check & balance in our country.

  3. yes u r right jjaaved bhi , no one here to do good things, everyone is making their own laws, there is no police & no government to take some suitable steps .

  4. as salam o alaikum jawaid sahab , jahan tak mai nay aap k columns parhay hai maira khayal nahe balkay yaqeen hai k iss mulk ko MASNA BIN HARIS(RA) jaisay logon ki zarorat hai.this nation needs revolution. the nation needs a person like SALAH UD DIN AYUBI. the time has come sahab .waqt agya hai ……

  5. he always point out fine things and gives us great solutions
    i hope our politicians must be reading his articles

  6. Assalamualaikum !!!
    I wish our bureaucrates n the rulers spare little from their so called “precious” time to read n follow such positive steps. As far as traffic signals are concerned, our rulers must ponder that ARE THEY MORE PRECIOUS AND IMPORTANT THAN OUR CALIPHATES????…who used to stroll alone in nights…without any guard…
    My message..!!Just believe in Allah Almighty n do your best to provide comfort to YOUR NATION…
    Mr. President n PM !! agar aap ki tenure me aik kutta bhi bhooka marr gaya to uska bhi jawab Allah ko dena ho ga….
    Baqi ye k JESI PUBLIC>> WESE HUKMARAN>>>>>
    Allah Samajh ki toufeeq day…AmeEen

  7. javed bhai i am big fan of u. koshish karta hon ap k saray coluns paron. aj ka column b bohat acha hai. hum log jaise b hain hamara mulk jaisa b hai hum is se mohabat karte hain aur koshish,dua aur umeed karte hain k ye baqi countries ki tarah taraqi karay

  8. javaid bhai i read many of ur colom but i think that k mulk ka nizam us waqt tk teek nai hu skta jb tk hum log dunya ki muhabbat ko dil se nikal nai dety,hadith me hai k her burai ki jar dunya ki muhabbat hai,tu phir hum kaisy in dunya daro se achai ki twaqu kr skty hai,

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