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Tum Kitne Bachay Maro Gay – Talat Hussain


  1. Muhammad Saleem Usmani

    It happens because we have all started to live in a world of our own self. We never care about anyone from our neighbour’s house, so we should not complain at all.

    We have died in our hearts. The worst thing that can happen to a nation is that they lose hope and that we have done completely. In our selves, in our rulers, in our promise and sometimes we don’t even pray. But Insha’Allah times will change.

  2. My dear Talat sahib U r very much right the demise of lovely childrens in pak are simply treated bcz of accidents.Leaders r only bound to issue condomnation/symphithetic statments regarding tragedy. These shameless leaderships are doing their duty in this way and in some cases they announce money grants to the families of victims, posing that they are giving this public money from their father’s bank account. These are not accidents but negligence/corruption on the part of the govt; who checks road conditions, vehicle finesses, driving licenses. Shame on our govt; machinery and on govt. also.

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