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Sheeshay Ki Gainden

In this Latest Urdu Editorial, Javed Chaudhry explained the world’s shortest and meaningful speech by Bryan Dyson (CEO of Coco-Cola) where he explained that our family, health, friends and spirit is more important than work.


  1. i ve learned from life that the rubber ball is most important. if you dont have a good job and a good carrier one may not have all other balls. so simple. our work, job or carrier is just like a bull who is holding our world on his horn.

  2. realy marvelous nd impresive…itz msmrized me,i waz speechles by ur high wordz after reading it… ur aproach z quite stunning…loadz 2 learn realy unforgtable

  3. mn sirf itna kahun ga k rizq ki fikar karnr chor do ,wo ap ko mil kar rahay ga..bus ap kisi k liye bura mat chahen plz!!!

  4. Assallam-o-Allikum Sir,
    i have read your coloumn and realy impresed your writting style and knlgde but sir, as i am from Mansehra Hazara City and i want to read some thing about Hazara Or some thing about our area,
    sir, i am a very good fane of you but the rate of your books are increased i am a student thats why i can buy your books now pleas do some thing for us.
    Wasif Ali

  5. main aap itifak karti hoon
    aik hadith hai jiska mafhoom ye hai ke” rizq tumhare peche aise bhag raha hai jese tumhari mout”.
    magar hum uske peche bhag rahe hain

  6. aaaahhhhh .. .. sahi kaha .. .. just love ur approach javed bhai
    un k liye kia kahein ge ap .. jinka hr hr rishta .. kisi na kisi mufaad gharz k saath bandha hota hai ????

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