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Sanjeedgi Se – Javed Chaudhry

In this Urdu Column, Javed Chaudhry describes the detail of Munafiq-e-Aazam Abdullah bin Ubay and with reference to his last column Ummati Koi Nahi a controversial created by a specific people made him felt to leave journalism. Javed Chaudhry is very upset on the response for his column Umati Koi nahin.


  1. Allah kre aap is se ziyada confuse hon k jisko pata hi nahee k us ka krna kia he kis ka haq ada krna he kis ka name ehtram se lena he kis k name k sath haramee lagana he aap je se log hen jo par likh k ganwate hen gadhe ghoron ko aik sath likh rahe ho koi farq nahe rakh rahe ho .
    Mouaf kijyee ga tareekh preh or us k bad me is trha k colom likhye ga.
    dua go

  2. jawad bhai ap parashan na hn.ap is pakistan sa mayuos ho chuky hain plz khuda k ly mayuos mat hn.mayuosi ak gunha ha…dil khol kar likhy logo ka kam ha baty karna,,

  3. javed bhai..jesi ap ki soch hai agar aesa 14so sal se logon ne socha hota to aj tareekh ki koi kitab hi na hoti.

  4. Sir, I totally agree with u, please dont stop to write articles please…
    Your Writting gives us strength and hope and ability to distingush right and wrong…
    Dont pay attention to barking Dogs…
    If anyone is abusing you its his fault that he dont know u…
    So its my humble request that please dont stop writting articles


    javed sahab i do agree with all your rational thoughts!our society is being mal-treated since long by these thekedaars, hence our thinking has been hijacked by the same.
    however, sir your presence and pragmatic approach in the form of your writings is just like a “beacon”. you have the square support of all the visionary people. sir i am shedding light on the couplet of IQBAL for your personality that,
    sir plzzzzzzz keep on doing your work because you are great or i would say greatest of all time. perhaps, you are the best functionary among all functions.
    muhammad shariq khan

  6. my comments on this column are missing. Were those deleted by chaudhery sb?

  7. Jawad sahib. No harm to try. But it is too late. No body on earth can can correct this nation BUT ALLAH. Allah has his own “TREEQA” to deal with?

  8. Dear Javed sb, God bless u. I read ur column, yes u r right that our society today is distributed in different small units, it is also correct that if u will try to correct one than the other will b hurt and may he abuse u too. But as u know this better, that there has always been different views in one society. but u have to pick up the right one. If Hazrat Muhammad PBUH would have thinked that if i raise the voice of Haq than other munafkeen and non believers will not take it well than it was not possible to spread the Islam. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH raised the Haq and when there was hurdles and problems Hazrat Muhammad PBUH faced them bravely and even fight with them. am i correct? so now if u fell that u will be abused and will be taken on hands if u raised Haq, than this doesnot mean that u should stop it….. v have to fight for the system which bring unity to our nation and remove differences…. Keep trying and God will help u if u r right.

  9. I agree with SAima Waqas.
    PAKISTAN IS ON THE HIT LIST OF ALLAH (swt). Pakistanis as a nation is shameless, repentless
    and gone astray. The nation has been pushed into perisable process. Allah knows best.
    There is no democracy, no religion. Its all self created problems.

  10. salam jawaid sahib likhna to bohat koch tha par itna hi likho gi k Allah hamain quran or hadith ka sahi fehm ata farmay jub tuk hum quran or hadith ko khod samjnay ki koshihs nahi karain gay koi bhi humay ghomrah kar sakta hay

  11. JAVED sAHIB.

  12. Sir, I live in abroad, I have tears in my eyes I know this is the big problm in my PAK-WATAN, I don’t have words to tell you anything, but I can appoligy only, I’m so sorry Sir. sirf maafi mangongi mai aur kya karo..

  13. I totally agreed with Javed Iqbal’s article. Media peoples are at risk when they touch the real religious issues. I think logic, debate and arguments are the basic tools to develop the healthy & tolerant environment whereas our mullahs are way away from such approach where they have to use their brains by keeping in view the Ijmah & Ijtehad. They are representatives of sects rather than to be the rep. of Islam in true sense.They always address the disputed issues and try to create the disputes to keep themselves alive like paki politicians.

  14. muhammad naeem khan

    very nice and fantastic
    aap ny to mery dil k tar cherry
    our my dear tm is tara ki mayosi ki baty na karo nshallah hum sab mil ky yeh confusion khatam karegy

  15. Muhammad Asad Ulhaque

    Neem Hakeel Khatra-e-Jaan, Neem Mulla Khatra-e-Eman,

    Hum kissi bhi jismani bemari ki soorut mey hamesha CERTIFIED DOCTORS ko consult kurtey hein…aur hud mumkin koshish kurtey hein key behtreen sey behtreen doctor sey checkup kurwaen….kiunkey hum kissi bhi kissum ki jismani taqleef ya phir Maut sey durtey hein….issliay ager mey appsey kahoon key meyney Medical ki Kitaben parhi hein aur appkey samney bohut hi mushkil mushkil medical terminologies istemal bhi kuron aur appsey kahon key app apna ya apney bachon ka ilaaj mujh sey kurwaen to app meri certification check kuren gey aur ager mey certified doctor na hon to 1 dafa bhi nahi sochein gey mujh sey ilaaj kuraney ka….aur beemari jitni khatarnak ho utni hi bari specialization aur authenticity required hoti hey….aur yeh sub issliay hey key jismani taqleef samney ki cheez hey… aur hum hawase khamsa sey issey mehsoos aur mushahida kurtey hein isliay is baarey mey bohut ehtiaat sey kaam letey hein…

    Liekin jub maamla DEEN ISLAM ka ata hey… to chunkey yahan baat IMAAN BILGHEB ki hey to hum bohut ziada ehtiat sey kaam nahi letey….koi bhi insaan QURAN PAK parhta hey aur APNI AQUL sey aik raey qaim kur leta hey…Ghaur kurney ki baat hey….ager QURAN PAK itna hi asaan hota to ALLAH SUBHANAWATALLAH iss mubarak KALAM ko aik KITAB ki shukel mey hi NAZIL farmatey aur tamam insaanon mey issko taqseem kura detey…key ARAB key tamam log ARBI to wiessey hi jaantey they aur iss MUBARAK KALAM ko samjhna unkey liay kia mushkil hota…Leikin aissa nahi hoa bulkey ALLAH PAK ney issey apney piyaarey NABI HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (SALLALAHOALLAEHIWASALAM) per taqreebun 23 saal key ursa mey utara aur unkey zariey sey muslmano ko sikhaya….AMAM ABU HANIFA (R.A), AMAM SHAFI (R.A), AMAM MALIK (R.A), AMAM AHMED BIN HAMBAL (R.A) aur deeger tamam mustunud ulma e ikram ney sirf QURAN PAK ka tarjma purh kur ILM ka noor hasal nahi kia bulkey behud sukht mehnut key baad yeh maqaam hasil kia hey… aur ajj bhi QURAN PAK ka ilm pehley seekhen aur woh bhi kissi bhi musluk key mustunad ulma ki zere nigrani aur phir iss per koi raey qaim kuren.

    Aaj religion mey bigar ki subsey bari wajah hamara deen key barey mey NAMUKAMAL ilm hey…bohut si baaton ki nishandahi ki jaa sukti hey…Bukhari Sharif mey 2 ahadees aissi milti hein jin mey NABI KAREEM HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (SALLALAHOALLAEHIWASALAM) ney khud KAAB BIN ASHRAF aur ABU RAAFEY key QATAL ka hukum dia tha aur yeh dono log GUSTAKH E RASOOL (SALLALAHOALLAEHIWASALAM) they…

    aur aik baat yeh key Deen-e-ISLAM beshuk aik amun passand deen hey liekin iss mey DISCIPLINE key maamley mey koi NURMI nahi hey aur na hi koi maafi hey…iss ki wazahat mey bohut sey waqaiat mey sey aik bohut hi mashhoor waqaia hey jub aik lurki jiska naam Fatima tha, ko chori ki saza mey haath kaatney ka hukum mila to kuch sahaba ney MAAFI ki sifarish ki…leikin HAZOOR (SALLALAHOALLAEHIWASALAM) ney maafi nahi di….isi terha…SULAH HUDEBIA key moka per jub kufar ki taraf sey Hazrat USMAN (R.A) ki shahdat ki khuber mili to sub sahaba ney HAZOOR (SALLALAHOALLAEHIWASALAM) key haath per maut tuk lurney ki baet ki thi…aur iss BAET per ALLAH PAK ka haath tha…to maafi ki koi baat nahi hoi…

    aik baat sumujhni chahye key hamara MAZHAB ISLAM bohut SIMPLE HEY magar discipline key maamley mey sukht hey…chahey woh Namaz ka hukum ho jismey aik 10 years key bachey ko bhi MARNEY ka kaha gia hey…ya woh ZIKAT sey INKAAR kurney walon key khilaf HAZRAT ABU BAKAR ka ILANEY JANG ho ya woh GUSTAKH E RASOOL abu raafey ka qatal ka hukum ho…

    ALLAH hum sub ko seedhi rah per chalnay ki taufeeq ata kurey…ameen

  16. Sir Ji, your problem is very simple. YOU HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR APPROVAL OF “PEOPLE”, so you get disappointed with their remarks. Seek the Approval of Allah and KEEP IMPROVING THE SOCIETY BY USING THE SPECIAL SKILL THAT ALLAH HAS GIVEN YOU. You make a difference in lives of many with every column. They pray for you so ALLAH “APPROVES” YOUR EFFORTS. “THE PROBLEM IS”: You are not looking for HIS approval ONLY!!!!

  17. sir u r great…plz carry on…..

  18. unhon ne to sab ka naam likha hai lekin aap kiun mind kar rahe ho kindly constrate on the context plz plz plz plz

  19. Mere peyaro bhaio sirf ch. sahib ke colmn ka context dekho

  20. ASSalam-0-alikum
    Intehaai Afsos hua yeh Article perh k. Hum Log Ku apnay Zaati mufaadat me mazhab ko laatay hein? Apnay aap me jhaank k nahi daikhty, aya Hum khud b islam ko follow ker rahy hein ya Sirf jaahn hum ne behas kerni hai wahan he Islam ka Tag use kerna hai..
    Hum logon ko Sharm ni aati k Hum kesay aik dosray ko tanqeed ka nishana bnaaa rahy hein.. Even yahan tak k hamray pass koi alternate way b ni hota k aya hum ne tanqeed ke hai to koi us ka alternate b to btain .. lakin nahi ku k hamein baat ka pata ni , hamein baat ka mukamil knowledge he ni hai, Yeh baat hum ne doosron se suni hoti hai k uss ne aisa kaah or hamara mind fix ho gya …
    Khudaa raa Tanqeed Zarur kero lakin pehle poori trah baat ko investigate kero , uss ka sir pair dhoondho phir aap behas kero. Yaqeen karein aap ko baat ka poori trah ilm hoga to behas ka mouqa he ni aye ga….

  21. Faizan Ahmed Ansari

    Assalam O Alaikum

    Sir main aap is jihaad main aap k sath hoon sir. aap tense na hoon bas AAGAY DEKHAIN sir..

  22. Main ne apki 20 good habits sanbhal kar rakhi hui hain aur “Khusra Azam” ka title b mere zehn main jo ap Zulqernain Haider ko, mukhtalif siasi jamatoon ko aur deger logon ko dena chah rahe the.Ab agar ap maidan say bhag gaye to ye title kam az kam main zroor apko doon ga………..achi trah soch lein

  23. Salam,

    is tarah to hota ha is tarah ka kamo main….

    aisa hi tu nahi such kehna ko afzal tareen jehad kaha gaya ha…

  24. AssalamOalaikum…
    Javed sahab mujhy afsos hai k aap jaisa parha likha Pakistani Jhooth k khilaf Khara honay k bjay maidan sy hat raha hai….shayad ap ko nhi pta k ham sb ko aapki kitni zrorat hai…haan ye theek hai k ham sb Firkoon aur Jama’aton ki char diwariyon mn qaid ho kar reh gay hn mgr ap tu revolutionss ki baten karny waley thy hamen rah dikhaya karty thy ap ko kia hwa?????kia ap nhi smjhty k ye dushman ki hm sb k khilaf aik napak sazish hai???
    “Believe It We Need You,don’t Quit Writing”

  25. Dear Javed Choudhry Sb,

    Please keep continue ur writing!


  27. Sir Article likhna mat choriyega Q k 1 aap hi to sahi sahafi hain jo awam ko samjhtay hain baqaya to fazool mai apni baten uraty rahty hain Gandi machlian har jagah hoti hain so pareshan na ho Allah ki zaat pe bharosa rakhen InshAllah koi kuch nahi bigar sakta. Allah aap ko apni hifz-o-Amaan mai rakhay (Aameen)

  28. An Excellent Article.

  29. Syed Wasim Abbas Naqvi

    Salam . Javeed bhai ap ka shikwa bilkul baja hai aur asy he howa hai k ap ko badnam karny ki pori koshosh ki ghi bilky kar dia ghya aur ik makhsoos firqay main ap k baary main nafrat ujagar ki ghi..
    Halana k khuda gawa hai k ap nay asa kosh nahi likha.
    javeed bhai main sirf itna kahoon gha k iss baat ko awami jahalat samaj kar darguzar kar den. Jahalat iss qadar hai k log baat makamal suny bina he oss ko barha charha k pesh karty hain. aur awam k jazbaat sy kehlty hain.
    barhal extermly sorry javeed bhai.

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