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Sahafiyon Ne Ye Khwab Kiun Dekhay? – Rauf Klasra

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  1. Sab nay yeh khuab is liya dekhay keh sab ko plot milay, particularly from Riaz Thekedar. Can you check record why Behria Enclave in an area where only agri farms can be there i.e. probabaly III Agri Zone of Islamabad. Worst upcoming through Golf City, i can see earth/hill blasting(cannot move rock ordinace and cannot destroy or preserve natural landscape etc, see laws of ICT since inception by Doggar et al) on hill tops, which are reserved forests as per records of State and its provinces lands. How can they manipulate in getting this much land in Islamabad rural area? who all involved?? What rules are being violated(as mentioned),why developing now?Where is natural gas for these projects and electricity,water??? who is facilataing all this, Why Ch Nisar is silent on these now(peha la gya ay janab).Tusi wi 2 plot la lao, ML aur Skh rashid la ke chup howay nayn, my 100% confirmed report.

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