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Jo Baat Bilawal Ko Samajh Aa Gayee! – Rauf Klasra


  1. Living instead of leaving.

  2. Dear Sir,

    Sir will you please say something about the Muslim Minority leaving in India? you know well India is a secular state as said by the Indian government and they respect every religion, and according to the Indian constitution religion is a personal mater of everyone and we provide equal opportunities to every Indian citizen. But the truth is totally different you know the worse condition of Indian Muslims. have you ever read the quota allotted to Indian Muslims in the government institution according to population? and as for the respect and rights concern in Islam for non Muslims so, you know better the teaching of Islam. Please show and lighten the actual essence of Islam.
    And this column is nothing but to dark the pages.

  3. sir,
    actually we r so confused nation that sometimes we don,t know what r we r going to right.you r muslim Al Hammd U lillah and know that in an islamic state there is no room for the higher posts including president and prime minister even for the chief of armed forces for non-muslims and this is the order of your and my Allah and His Prophet PBUH.If u see the islamic history,all areas which were conquered by muslims all were given in the control of native people either they beloned to islam or not..but the heads of state always appointed on them were muslim…bilawal said this only to please christian brothers and European countries but who u r going to please?non muslims enjoy full rights in islamic state.don,t you remember once his mother declared islamic punishments. inhuman.that is their need to please non-muslim so i request you please do some practical work for the people of pakistan icluding our chritian,hindu,sikh,parsi and other religion belonged brothers and especially the most affected muslim brothers without indulging in meaningless behaviour towards your constitution and religion.this article was nothing but to write something for newspaper..you r a good journalist and i hope you r a muslim so you must show your face as a practical muslim as a muslim must be and you must give a positive thinking to the youth of pakistan…

  4. Dear brother,
    I am very much dishearted with your article……

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