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Akela Shakhs Kab Tak Larta! – Rauf Klasra


  1. pakistani qom apny mohsino ko bhol jati ha.jin logon na pakistan ka liy bary kam kiy un ko to yad bhi nahi karty un logo ki family kis hal ma ha koi nahi pochta. hamin sochna chahiy?

  2. Muslims all over the world do not feel safe in their own countries, its time when they need support from other countries,I think associating Abdul Qadir with Pakistan is only to penalize him, the fact of the matter is governments of all Muslim countries are killing people with religious sentiments and secular people are being promoted and propagated

  3. this story can be seen from different perspectives, most concerning is the gradual elimination of people who sided with unity of pakistan against the dismemberment. Pakistan should show some moral and raised this issue with Bangldesh govt. Though i am unaware of the diplomatic customs and norms but for me this is simple equation and speaks for character of the nation.

  4. Bilkul theak theak likha ha ap nr klasra sb ye murda zameer logon ki hukumat ha ye or kya kahein ge

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