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Paris Ki Aik Udaas Shaam

From Paris…. Javed Chaudhry writes on how to improve quality of life by adding patience in it and removing negative thoughts.


  1. I very nice column to change our lives.

  2. I hear you Anum Syed. Ha, my brother Javed, you need to live here in the west to know the real truth. LEts just say what appears to eye may only be a masquerade! But I do appreciate your mentioning of the supreme element that we are missing today in our lives: patience…and productivity. Please do visit MashaALLAH, very appropraite for us pakistanis. barak Allah feekum!

  3. Abubakar Sadeeque

    Assalam-u-Alaikum sir, mujy ap ka talk show bahot pasand hy aor main ap ka har kalam shauk sy parhta hun main ny bahoy kuch ap k experince sy seekha hy or ziyada seekhna chahta hon ALLAH ap ku isi tarha lekhny ki taqat enayat farmaye (Ameen).
    Mera ap ku mashwara bhi hy aor khwaish dua bhi hy k ap pakistan ka sadar ban jayen. (Ameen)

  4. Atiq Ur Rahman Khokhar

    couldn’t agree more. The moral i took from this article is set your objectives and pursue them. The strategy to pursue those objectives should be tolerance and positive thinking.

  5. Hi Mr,Javeed You Are The Grate.In Pakistan Have A Min Thinks Politication Maks Prablume.Alha Hafiz Nazar Hussain From Abu Dahbi

  6. how we can create tolerance when we r leaving in such society
    if our politications r wali then what r the result
    they have some good qualities to maintain our personal uses not such as wali

  7. aptly mentioned…..a nyc message 4rm a real champ

  8. Javed chaudry always rockiing……

  9. Oh Yes, you are right we should have tolerence, Rasool ALLAH’s example, as a very tolerant person, mashaALLAH is a good one as well. Tolerance and positive thinking is the way to progress, is wonderful and only remedy against the human misery for having the feeling of nothingness inside them.

    Yes, you are right, Paris’s evening are very sad and heart breaking, because of all those restless souls of great philosophers writers, poets, revolutionaries and creative people who have given their life’s work to help French people to grow up, are grieving the fact that all their hard work, has done nothing to change the fascist mentality for French people.

    French and almost all the Europeans are not tolerant people… these are highly intolerant and restless people constantly looking for change and better life… If French people were Tolerant, there would never ever have been a revolution in France; there would have never been Maximilien Robespierre and guillotinization of Monarchs, aristocrats and elites…

    Tolerant people do not colonize other countries, Algeria just got their freedom in 60es from the blood sucking French colonizers and the atrocities French committed on their Algerian political prisoners are not a secret anymore…

    Please visit and talk to those Arabs and other immigrants who are living in Ghettoes… in the suburbs of Paris from last few generations, the one’s who are not blond and lucky enough to be born through Hungarian parents like Mr. Nicolas Sarkozi did and could not make their way up the Ladder by equal opportunity for all ( blondes and blue eyes, only please)

    Then India and her People were the most tolerant who accepted British Raj for almost 200 years… Pakistanis are the most tolerant people who had in the past and are still accepting all kinds of thugs and fascist politicians to run them down to the ground… Pakistanis are tolerant who accepted almost everybody who came to their country from almost all sides of her borders…

    However, visiting Europe, is like visiting the nobles ( JAGIRDAR, WADAYRAS, LAND LORDS, SARDARS) of your own country, just on a larger scale… West European Countries are the JAGIRDAR, WADAYRAS, LAND LORDS, SARDARS… Kings, Lords and Barons, of the whole world and their subjects are the tax payers, who force them to be as much honest as they can be… However they are managing better than the underdeveloped countries…

    I wish a female on your staff, wearing Burka and Nikab would have been travelling with you and then you would have experienced the Tolerance and the warm welcome at Charles de Gaulle Airport, in completely different way… A female citizen in that country is suppose to wear the uniform of their choice like a worker in a factory is required to do… How dare you call them people of tremendous tolerance???

    If the people are migrating from underdeveloped countries to European countries is not because of Europeans being Tolerant people… It is because the countries, where Immigrants are coming from were not good enough to accommodate their own citizens… and Europeans need minimum paid workers to keep their life styles running and maintain their standard of livings…

  10. Very Well Written…

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