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Ye Tau Mere Allah Ka Fazal Hay – Orya Maqbool Jan


  1. Agree with Kashif. Argument should be that we are Muslims and got this country on the name of Islam and kalma tayyibah. Quaid’s sayings should be used as supplement but basis is “Pakistan ka matlab kia———La ilaha illallah”. Can anyone of the opposite view on this topic deny this reality? If you deny, then please you are saying that our leaders who made Pakistan were Hippocrates who used this slogan only to get some politically support. Then not yours, but today’s Hindus and that time congressmen point of view is correct that ” Pakistan was made by certain people to become governor General, prime minister etc and it has nothing to do with Islam”. If you say this, you are actually insulting Jinnah, Iqbal, Liaqat Ali Khan etc, all Muslims who put effort for Pakistan and Islam. Kindly consider this point and refrain from insulting our great leaders, Pakistan and our religion.

  2. this argument is based on nonsense!see,we are muslims and muslims are first the slaves of Allah and his prophet *s a w).so even if khudanakhwasta jinah was against islamisation of Pakistan even than we muslims do not follow jinah,we muslims only follow quran and sunnah.so orya must not waste his efforts here….we are followers and ummah of Muhammad (s a w) ,not the followers of jinah liaqat ali khan or else

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