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Ummat-e-Muslima Ka Mujrim – Orya Maqbool Jan


  1. Leo Deweyed (Niaz M. D. Khan

    Sir, I like your columns but here I am not agreed with you, coz. first of all Quran Says, “JEHAD KARO KUFFAR OR MUNAFQEEN KAY SATH” and munafiq is not a non under the label of non muslims like ” masjid Darar walay” and musharaf did his action against munafqeen, don’t think just duplicate islamic faces. go through their aims, and targets. where as may be there are many other offences against him but his action against the munafqeen is 100% correct, and I am agree with him.

  2. You are totally lieying. People were never haned over anyone, but those people were never accepted by their own countries, and there were cases against them. Those ppl were not Pakistan is.

    All of you should have been bombed, I do ‘t know why general Musharaf helped saving you scum.

  3. All of you are ihasanfarmosh majosi mardood.

    If general Musharaff would have not taken some logical decisions, yo would have been writing thus with changes in India or iran.

    You cleverly kept nawaz and bynazer and zardari
    Out, but dragging musharaf as if there was only one Musharraf who made decisions.

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