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Shiya Sunni Fasadaat – Fateh Kon (2) – Orya Maqbool Jan


  1. Always just finger pointing articles, marciays, stories, reports and this and that, but never offer a solution. 1400 years is a very very very long period of time, yet we got no solution, not even one to combat our enemies, and the enemies are playing ping pong with, us, crushing, killing, raping, bombing, looting, criminalizing, and eating us alive, yet no one of you, ever came up with some solid solution. Total bakwas on and on.

  2. how can we be one with rafdi people who abuse sahaba and ummahatul maumineen?no ghairatmund muslim can even think about that!

  3. This time you are totally wrong. The Sunni Shia conflect has to end, but at what point? We know Sunni Shia secs are man made believes and has nothing to do with Islam that was given to Muslimeen Ummah. Now you or all others are saying, we must end to this blood shade, and agree with this fully, but again, this will be only done to serve ourselves and not the Islam. Islam dictates; No Division, No Sectors, No Segrigation and No Grouping among one Unit of Umma e Rasool Allah, Hazrat Mohammad PBUH. So the hate and anamocites among these man made fairytail and Disneyland story based fake Musliman, such as; sunnis, shias, wahabies, deobandies, salafies, naqashbandies, sufies and what not are nothing but the fake false man made saperate of each other unites, which actually conscituties anything that is not Islam.

    As true Musliman, we must not stand, side or voice for these man made religious unites, our Deen Islam does not permits the changing of Islam into different segments is forbidden. So why do you or others like you cry over these dead rotten man made fiqahs, interpatations, divisions, when Allah Subhana has forbiden us shading tears over these derailed, mushriqs, munafiqs, disnylandish, stry and lost from truth people.

  4. Muhammad Saeed Akhtar


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