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Khabardar – Orya Maqbool Jan


  1. Aur koi yeh bata sakta hai kay jo phojee american attack main shaheed hoi thay aur phir baad main Pak. Govt. aur Army nay phir America say doosti kar lee tu un shaheedoon kay waarsoon ki dil azaari nahi hoi ho gee. Ya phir sari ki saari dil azaari Molvi saheb kay hisay main hi aa gai hai.

  2. Question can be asked about the soldiers who attacked on Jamia Hifsa and killed no. of innocent boys and girls and later they themselves killed. Who were those?

  3. orya chaacha jee.thousands of people have seen with their own eyes that talibans bodies do not decay after deatha nd heavenly smells comes out from their bodies…so if they are not shahheed who is?you peoples sheraabi generals?

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