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General Sahab Ne Ye Kya Keh Dia – Orya Maqbool Jan


  1. oriya, if you have guts then write something about mulana burqah, he is ghustakh-e-Rasool. u never condemned ttp acts in which they actually beheaded shia citizens, you are such a nut and stupid. kabhi socha na tha. kharji ka saath daynay wala bhi kharji. and you are kharji

  2. Orya sahib, lal mosque was enemy conspiracy against Pakistan capital Islamabad.

    Enemies wanted to achieve false flag control of Islamabad through ttp terrorists out and in side Islamabad to show to the world the fall of Islamabad. Lal mosque was sazish against Pakistan just like Dhaka fall.

    Now you are playing into enemies hands, plz do not drag pak army’s good name in your writings in any shape or form.

    Can you write about Iranian and indian terrorism through Afghanistan into Pakistan that is killing and desablising Pakistan?

    And do not delete my comment, I know you tend to delet, that don’t match with you.

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