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Gawadar, Chah Bahar, Baluchistan – Iraq, Karachi-Beirut – Orya Maqbool Jan


  1. Basant Kay undhy taasb ki einak utaro to sub nazar aye ga.

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chabahar

    Don’t miss lead people’s of Pakistan and go through the link below then you will know that:

    1. Chabahar project started in 1970.

    2. After the 1979 revolution the foreign companies left the projects and Iranian public companies linked to the Ministry of jahade sazandegi (or jihad for construction) took them over. The Iraq-Iran war caused Chabahar to gain in logistical and strategic importance. War brought insecurity to the Strait of Hormuz and ships were unable to enter the Persian Gulf. Accordingly, Chabahar became a major port during the war. In the 1980s the Iranian government developed a new scheme named the Eastern Axis Development Scheme, which aimed to use Chabahar’s geographical position as a regional development tool to stimulate economic growth in the eastern provinces. The establishment of the Chabahar Free Trade-Industrial Zone in 1992 resulting from the EAD Scheme brought development and encouraged immigration from other parts of the country to Chabahar.

    3. Chabahar is connected to multimodal transportation through air, sea and roads. Its Konarak Airport has twice daily flights to the capital Tehran, thrice weekly flights to Zahedan and twice weekly flights to Mashhad, Shiraz and Bandar Abbas.


  3. Mazhar Khurshid

    Further Mr.Orya Maqbool Jaan is an intellectual CSP officer, who has spent most of his service period in Balouchistan, his knowledge is great. I am a great fan of his writings.

  4. Mazhar Khurshid

    very factual who think “totally nonsense” , they have no sense to think at their own, their mentality has been developed in favour of Indian as they are influenced by Indian Media i.e movies etc.

  5. Totally nonsense.

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