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December Ka Intezar – Orya Maqbool Jan


  1. musliman ji angreji ki tang to na toro aisa .khud ko dakho kesa angreji pa zulam karaha ho .pahle khud ko thk karo tum khud zahni ghulam ho.lagta he angreji me bar bar fail hoa ho tum.

  2. Janab e wala, I began reading your article and stopped when you wrote about some European or American justice system. Firstly, and lastly, I stopped at that and never read beyond first few words, got sick of it, because, the reason they r good coz they never discuss you or anything that relates to you, on the other hand, slaves begin with praising them and end praising them, that’s why they are successful and you and many like are not, end. So simple.

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