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Aman Ki Aasha Ka Shaheede Awal – Oya Maqbool Jan


  1. Agarchay, Butt hain jamaat ki aasteenon main,
    Mujhay hay Hukm-e-Azaan, La Ilaha Illallah.
    Well done sir, you are performing a sacred duty.

  2. I used to think that Aurya Maqbool is a good intellectual but unfortunately he seems to be bias at various issues. the topic he chose is OK with Pak ideology, but we really need to think about putting our own house in order, rather than crying over mischieves in other countries. Aao apne garebaan mai dekhein, aaj Pakistan se ziada burey haalat duniya mai kisi mulk k nahi hai. tamam writers aur media k champions pr zimma dari aayid hoti hai k such likein, such ka bol baala karey aur sirf apne financial benifits ki khatir mulk ko ghalat raah per naa daale, bcoz aap sab writers ki kuch na kuch followings hoti hai and u can influence.

  3. @Kashif
    You should look for the meaning of secular in dictionary 1st and then use it at appropriate place!
    Pakistan was made by secular people … and right wing extremists like JI and JUI (Jamiat-e-Ulma-Hind that time) were against the creation of Pakistan itself and called Allama Iqbal RUA and Quaid RUA, Kafir, at different times!
    Btw, how a Ahle-Tashe like Quaid RUA can be a hero of Deoband Taliban and other Sunnu extremists 😛 i would love to see !!
    For more than 10 years now TTP and Sunni extremists like Laskar-e-Jhangvi, have killed 50,000 Pakistanis as “Collateral” Damage … we will not forget that and chase you Devils till the Doors of Hell !

  4. Dear kuch mudalal baat karo ….jub such banda such bardasht nahi karta to wo aisay he dosro ko aisay he target karta haei jaisay ap mujay kar rahay haie …my forefathers were sikh i know very well and alwaz proud on them …khuda ka khouf agar ap logo ko haie to khud ko muslman sabit karo dehshat mut philao hamaray payaray pakistan maie ….Islam dehshat gardo (deobando nay nahi Ahle sunat aur hamaray payaray buzurgo kay kardar ki waja say phela…nahi to tareekh parh kar dekho Hari singh nalwa tumhaie zaroor yad milay ga tareekh maie jis nay ultay nangay latia tha tum ko issi fata maie aur aj jaha pakistan ka borders haie afganistan kay sath ye usi nay qaim kiye thay ….phir yad karwao…..Subcontinent maie Islam Buzurgan e Deen kay kardar aur muhabat say phela tha kisi deoband salfi ahle hadeees ki dhashat say nahi ..bulkay poori dunyia maie agar islam aj badnam huwa haie to wo ap he logo kay karm haie jao ja kar kahi khudkush dhamakay karo ilam ki behas maie tum aik anay kay nahi ho …aur galat fehmi haie tum logo ki kay tum pakistan maie raj karo gay…ye wohi mulik haie jiskay khilaf tum logo nay kafirstan kaha tha aur iqbal aur jinah ko kafir kaha tha..aub iskay thekaydar tum kis moun say bantay ho…..phir b maie kaho ga kay yar insan he bun jao muslmani say to tum shaid kabi pohanch b na pao…..

  5. and bajwa Sikh…aranis are not deobandis.lol.infact arani ppl even don’t know what deoband is

  6. Aziz.you seculars must leave Pakistan,because its pakistans destiny to be ruled by mujahideen inshalah.
    and you bajwa ,you are Sikh jutt caste so you wrote nonsense like your Sikh forefathers…nothing you wrote makes any sense

  7. Just read his last lines carefully … he is threatening others of a Taliban Govt in Pakistan 😛

  8. The charges are primarily war crimes and not treason … and no one, even a Mullah like him should be above law … Even our own Army during “Operation Searchlight” there, convicted own soldiers, if they could be proved so …. so its not a matter of India or Pakistan, or Awami League verses BNP of Bangladesh … its criminals taking cover of religion and states … the sad part is that only opposite ideology seeks to punish them, humanity would be if he would have been convicted in BNP Govt and not after so much long time.
    Orya Maqbool Jan is a bloody Taliban sympathizer, on the pension of Pakistan Govt 😛 i give no importance to his words at all.

  9. bajwa ji kion angreji ki kamam torta ho .mamla bangladesh ka he darmiyan me tum deoband ko le aai ho .arab hukmaranu ko la ai ho jin ka deoband se koi taluk nahe tha wo hanbli hain .phla history ko phro .deoband ne hi angraz ka khilaf tahrek shoro ki .aaj bhe america aur india jin se darta he wo deoband madarsa ke phara hoa ulma he hain .halwa khane wala peer parast mulvion se use koi dar nahe .

  10. agar aisi he bat the jo ap keh rahay haie to phir deoband tehreek kay tmam shaksanay jin ki abayri aale saoud nay ki subcontinent maie …kia wo ye bata saktay haie kay saltante usmania kay khalaf bagawat aale saud nay 1800 maie q ki aur iskay liye inho nay british aur american ki madad q li…plz answer me confused on one sided when aal e saud make laws in saudi by focusing on arabi and ajmi even small fines of saudi states first differentiate arbi and ajmi…then they implent their so called shari law…and y they sponsor different tehreek in different areas wid different names like akhwan jamat and many more militiant wings y they only sponsors those tehreek which only operated in ajam they dont focus on uae where we can see european culture on roads….y they focus only poor countries of ajam….dear ouria kindly dont misguide people…am not rigid wid mine ideas and ready to be corrected …when your sponsors are not giving equal rights to ajmi in their own countries and differentiate only on the basis of cultural identity if some one is local natioal arabi he face another law and outsiders in arab face some thing different and ridiclius bro aalee saoud was power and only spreading their views wid the support of finance which they held wid d help of jews and christian elite.

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