Naya Saal

Fatima Bhutto


  1. Muhammad Panah Bhutto

    Fatima Please aap sasat mein ain aur zardari ka mqabla kareen hum aap ka har qeemat per sath deen gae iwant to join PPP-SB my number is 03322212971

  2. great,,,,,,,,,,ap ka khandan aik siyasi khandan hai,,,,,agar app jasay log siyasat main ajain to boht acha hai,,,,,,

  3. Fatima ya tou bhutto sey ley kar bhutto tak ya seyre spatey key barey mein likhtein hein .shaheedon ko koi cash na karey.AMEEN

  4. Saleem Ahmed Qurashi

    yours article are perfact and shows ground riality Pakistan My qus is that why are you not write on NGOs sectors

  5. Your this particular article reminds me bit of Faiz Ahmed Faiz poem “Kutai” ( mind me Urdu spelling). People who sleep and behave as dogs get treated like them by their masters. Both locally and Internationally. What a pity…. once again brave but lacks answers to these challenges.

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