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The Sharks Dilemma – Naveed Taj Ghouri

By: Naveed Taj Ghouri

Last evening, I got a little Text…


You are in a sinking boat and surrounded by sharks! How do you survive?”


While pressing down-key of my cell, my mind was joggling through multiple answers for the question. I was expecting something extremely funny… But the answer didn’t make me laugh or sizzle, instead it strike a chord inside me with a surprise!

The answer of this question was…

“Stop Imagining!”

and I was like… “Wow!”

This led me to think that most of us are in that situation where we have self-created sharks around that boat, hungry and deadly enough to kill us. Something I would like to call “The Sharks Dilemma”.

Everyone has his or her own sharks (problems, excuses, guilt and fears), surrounding his boat (mind), As an outcome, we keep on thinking up to the frustration level that how to survive (get rid of)? For someone, there might be the sharks of family, relationships, no-confidence, becoming rich, bad class room grades, loosing assets in the stock market, wearing brands, selling the products, buying a big house,  getting a good car and living a luxurious life. Another could be a shark of losing the job , failures of life or even targets like keeping everyone happy. Aren’t many of us living in constant anxiety, guilt or fear due to the things or events, which even haven’t been occurred or are uncontrollable by our means. A depressed mind full of guilt or fear is actually destroying our present.  Guilt is something, what we have done in the past but still carrying it on our shoulders and fear is any kind of uncertainty for the future. We have forgotten to live in the present.  God has gifted us time  to celebrate the usefulness of every moment. We do contaminate our present through worries, while the solution is very simple and obvious… “Stop Imagining!!!”

Yes, just let that go and accept the things and situations as they are. Leave all your guilt and fears far behind. Stop worrying for the things which are actually happening with you more of inside rather than outside. Now there is a little difference between having a desire or passion and sucking your teeth in to problems. It’s good to have a goal or desire something, but don’t let it too noxious for yourself. Just think and ask yourself, do you have any plans? Have you set your goals or inching towards the target? Are you just worrying? Have you started your journey or keep unnecessary waiting for the miracles to be happen?

Another way to look at this amazing little answer is that, often we go through complicated routes and complex solutions for our problems. We ignore the simple answers under our noses. Let me tell you a story in the end:

The execs at an airline manufacturer were having problems with the wings literally ripping off the planes. They asked the entire company to suggest possible solutions for the problem. One of the suggestions worked perfectly well: “Put holes in the metal connectors that hold on the wings.”

The company execs asked the person who suggested to come forward and were surprised to be faced by the toilet cleaner. “How did you know that would work?” they asked him.

“Well,” he said, “I noticed that toilet paper never tears along the dotted lines!”

So stop imagining! Your boat is not sinking and there aren’t any sharks… This is the best way to survive!


  1. @ trust me

    since born? may be u mizing me with someone.. ok mail me at ibitian `at` gmail.com and details, how can i camm her. I dont recall any female i knew since birth. She ruined her whole life coz of her parents not by me.. and y should i try 2 win someone’s trust if he/she has no concern with me. if she need some solutions n motivation and if i be in a position 2 help her, me ready. mail me

  2. interesting!! good job.keep it up.

  3. Yes, U know her since she was born.
    But she never trust in u because u never tried towin her trust.u can fix her atleast by calling and taking care of her. She has ruined her whole life because of unseen problems of her parents.
    That’s totally injustice and u r also the part of it. i think its ur moral duty to take care of her which don’t because u have ur own priorties.She was deceived by her own parents. Yes its true.

  4. @ trust me

    May Allah help her, do i know her? how can i fix…

  5. These sharks had already eaten someone who is like a true life. Still that innocent is facing these sharks helplessly and quietly because there was nobody who can understand her feelings. First letter of her name is F.Guess who she is?
    Remember ur past and try to fix it now. Allah will bless u. Ameen. U can reply me on ur website as well.

  6. @ Anum…

    Thanks.. just keep spreading the good things!

  7. It is such an inspiring story, it will be wonderful, if all of us who have read it, can discuss their perception of the story, and what lesson have they learned from it. This will give the opportunity to the most intelligent people among us, to help the less fortunate one’s like myself to understand and clear up our cluttered minds to focus and follow our path to reach our goals in life.

    Majority of us like myself, in Pakistani culture are so much overwhelmed with problems and going through depression, are unable to understand the reality and keep focusing on negatives and complaining but are unable to change their own perception of the problem.

    We are very fortunate to have writers, poets, artists and people of knowledge among us, we should be grateful to them for their time and wisdom to help us grow and become better human beings. Thank you all.

  8. wow its great ….its real inspration.

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