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21 Do’s and Don’ts to Sustain A Relationship 1 – Naveed Taj Ghouri

By: Naveed Taj Ghouri

These all tips are based upon my personal experiences, relationships, study, observations and discussions with many people on various aspects. You can say few things that I’ve learned from my life and try to implement them. Just because it’s all judgmental; so you have all the rights to agree or disagree with these. I would be thankful to you if you like to provide me some feedback on this article. Thanks in advance & May God bless you and protect your relationships. Amen.
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1. Don’t Disagree!

Never disagree, even though it’s a simple matter of deciding among a cup of tea or coffee; people get hurt and sometimes takes it too serious when their friends try to deny their opinions and especially in front of others or at public places. In particular, even when they are wrong, don’t say it to your friend bluntly while sitting in social community groups, e.g. parties, friends circle, classrooms, family gatherings etc. Doesn’t mean you should accept every black n white from your relation; but don’t just let him / her down. You can always talk about controversial issues later on in private.

2. Don’t Criticize!

Don’t criticize too much. If anything is seriously wrong and you want your relation to get rid of that, don’t let him / her feel that you get annoyed by this. Rather analyse it first, might you are the one who who perceives it wrong; then mention it softly at suitable time, and give your relation some space and time to improve on that issue. People start avoiding you when you become too critic on them.

3. Give Surprises!

Suitable when he / she expecting almost nothing, always try to bring something new, something delightful to your relationship. It can be anything, from a good news to a small gift, a beautiful poem to a rose. Always remember important days belong to your relations; don’t forget to wish them on time. People always need something refreshing, something new because of boredom of their routine life.

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