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21 DOs & DON’Ts to Sustain A Relationship – Part 3 – Naveed Taj Ghouri

By: Naveed Taj Ghouri

7. Don’t Compare / Compete!

Good relationships have no equality! That’s true because if you want to be very good in any relationship, don’t compare or compete. There is no contest in relationship; actually when you try to do something better than the other one, or try to win something, you unintentionally trying to beat him / her. Also don’t compare because relations are not something to list down, that what you did for him / her and what he / she did for you. Even if you are better in any aspect than the other, don’t make realize this advantage to them and never ever compare your achievements with the other. Don’t let your relation feel that you are superiors to him / her.

8. Do Sacrifice!

A Person actually get involved with many things at a time, and among them the sweetest is his own self. Sacrifice is the name, when you prefer others wants over yourself. One has to be sacrificing, when he or she is in relationship, because people are so unpredictable. To sacrifice your pleasure for the sake of the other’s pleasure might be the most difficult, but that’s the true essence of any relation. Try not to compete with other is good; but its best when you give your relationship something he / she don’t have.

9. Be Careful to His / Her Friends!

It’s better to make your friend angry than to annoy his / her friend. Don’t forget that you are not the only person close to your relation. Always there have been someone else than you, whom he / she talks, even about you. People have tendency to share their events and feelings about their particular relationships with their other friend or friends. Always try to build good relation and image to them, because these are the people who can play a vital or critical role when you might have been in some kind of serious situation or crisis in with your relationship. If they like you or respect you, believe me, they will do advocacy on your behalf without any stake. And what if they have bad reputation or experience from yourself; and the other one is asking them for help or advice in these circumstances, imagine what could be the outcome!!!

To be continued….

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