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21 DOs & DON’Ts To Sustain A Relationship 2 – Naveed Taj Ghouri


By: Naveed Taj Ghouri

4. Respect & Protect Your Relation! It’s only you who matters. You have to be really very careful about your relationships, especially while discussing with others. It is only you who can shape up the image of your relation, if you let it down, nobody will even care to give any respect to your relationship. Similarly, don’t be ashamed or at back foot about your relations; defend and protect them. If you don’t care about saving your relations in hard times, no one else wants to. Respect him/her in every case.

5. Don’t Claim Too High! You cannot build a tower in one night; it means never to claim which you can’t perform. It will help you to save and maintain your image. Dissonances in relationships arise when people can’t perform according to their claims. It’s easy to say anything, but hard to act upon; so do what you said otherwise you will loose trust on yourself. As someone said “Big Claims Need Big Proves”.

6. Take A Break! Sounds strange, but believe me one of the most important factor people ignores commonly. It is sometime distances which help you to create more attraction in your relation and obviously about yourself too. Take a little break unnoticed, while having its too long with each other or especially when you feel that everything is not as just right. Don’t let the other know; that you are away or not in touch preplanned. Just do it casually and let him / her miss you a little bit.

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