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Nahi, Zardari Saheb Mulk Nahi Chala Sakte

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  1. citizen of quetta

    DEAR SIR.Your column in daily jung quetta 29-5-2009 under subject janab tars nahi insaf was amizing and battery your want of knowledge about condition obtaining in balochistan,rule of sardars and other vested interest.You gave impression that balochistan is inhabited only by ethenic baloch.sorry to say,that u prepared ur report inside the 4 star hotel instead of visiting the civil socity of balochistan.u have not stated what hell has been created for those who have chosen as their home land & settled permanently for generations.the balochi called them setellers.because of short time,i want ur attention about the following points.which u have ignored,while analysis the balochistan situation,please.1.target killing in balochistan.2.setellers migration from balochistan.3.PASHTOON which r the 50% of province(their presence & rights.).urz most loving fane

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