Mubarak Ho


  1. AOA,javed ch is my favorite writer, i was much impressed from his columns, thats why i choose journalism subject in graduation, his way of writing style of critcise , examples, nice very nice, i think the young nation need his writins, carry on javed bhai, well done. god bless you bye ikram

  2. AOA, i should use the typical word of FAN, which i am of J Chaohdry. he is an excelent writer and has a good critic eye. i have read many of his columns and after every column i used to think that why we are criticising those action which are not correctable… “Bhainse ke aage been bajana”… but J choadry is very patient and he is still trying to change our country with his PEN… Sir, please keep it up, God has choosen you as the LIGHT TOWER, please keep showering your light. i would appriciate if you try to give us actual picture of “our war against terrarism”, cause i think there is something wrong going on NWFP and SOMEONE is playing a big game involving our MILTARY in it. what is this game and who is right and who is wrong… somthing fishi fishi.
    Best Regards

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