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Muakhza Ya Mughalta



  1. Salaam to all.
    Thanks to all those who post replies.
    Actually when you write columns, sometime you address certain group of people and mostly it
    happens to be general and common for all.
    Since majority of our prfoessionals and students doesn’t stay intouch with meida and news all the time so when
    you write something you must reffer to some Authentic news,statement before you make some claim or prediction about any
    party’s possibly future’s act. Like the above column speaks about the Democratic Attitiude of Peoples Party and their Possible
    strategy about the Murre Declaration. similarly it gives certain new dimension by connecting the fast process of impeachment with the presidential sign of
    restoration of 8 judges though they were not then appointed,saying that all would be appointed altogether.
    similarly there are so many points for common people who think otherwise.
    Once again thanks to all who spend thier precious time in reading.
    Praise to Allah

  2. Syed Faizan Abbas

    News are not views
    and i think in this artical, we find nothing more than headlines and one finds no room for building any view or new comments.
    We people have always been following the political or anti-political ways in pakistan but
    do we think that according to the constitution of Pakistan 1973 article 41 a legal President is to be impeached?
    and is musharraf a legal president…
    u would definitely say no…
    No the solution of this problem was either to discuss this issue in parliament and a new ammendment in the constituion or refer this issue to supreme court
    both are not suitable but atleast we get an idea that if we restore judges first and then find the solution to this problem from Supreme court, who still has to decide the status of Musharraf and his candidature for presidential election,
    So Why we don’t think over there instead of just rementioning the news!

  3. Quite comprehensive and complete comment,i must say.
    Well, the point is, if we (our so called leaders) were having these loses ” From Dr. Qadeer to Missing persons like Afia Siddiqui, from Bugti to Lal Masjid, from FATA to Balochistan, and from Kashmir to Afghan Policy” in their minds, why didn’t they demand it first?? and still, why do they talk about the Safe Passage??? Isn’t it a big injustice with the Nation to give him a safe passage??
    infact, the theme of the article is that our Politicians are much more concerned with their Own Politics and Policies and All thinking minds have reservations on their loyality to the land and people.
    Lets see, what comes next !!!
    Praise to Allah.

  4. No doubt people having concerns on the policies & practices of PPP but I would say, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go for Musharraf impeachment. This man has destroyed this country in whatsoever means. From Dr. Qadeer to Missing persons like Afia Siddiqui, from Bugti to Lal Masjid, from FATA to Balochistan, and from Kashmir to Afghan Policy, he had thrown the nation beneath the level of dignity, honor & respect. His black crimes are enough that demand not only impeachment but the trial so in future no ruler can do stuff like him.

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