Mosmi Parinday

No doubt why there is a difference in the results of efforts, Javed Chaudhry discuss “Approach” this time in his latest Urdu Column.


  1. Javaid chowdry is today’s IQBAL I realy very like Mr. Javaid.
    May Allah bless u with HIS almighty blessings.

  2. Great column…. the approach of Javed Chaudhry is a different… like he said in his column… I appreciate the spirit ….

  3. just waooo salute u sir javed sahib.. thumbs up..

  4. kharoti from quetta

    behot hi zaberdast column hai .javed ssab ke har column mian sakne ko kuch maltha be hai aur javed saab ke column itrested be hothe hai

  5. Navi, can we download Shahab Nama on this web page

  6. a great column by Javed Ch. Thanks navi to post it here, i was in search of it, it was posted few days ago but i forget the actual date, now i got it….
    many thanks

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