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  2. Excellent Sir… Ur one of the best column…:)

  3. Very Nice and Useful. I found and my Internal piece in Prayer. Pray for me.

  4. This was a phenomenal thought… My words can’t describe its beauty but I suggest if it was ended in the light of Islamic thoughts, it would have made it eternal piece of work!!

  5. i think u r right becoz its my personal experience. i am 28y and i am MBBS student these days r best days of my life , i feel that i am only 20y young girl and there r lot of charming thing to do and learn.

  6. wow awesome…!! well im pretty much agree with the research and javed sahab tht interest and wishes increases the time span of a day….cux my schedule for a day is too much bz… i dun get time to spend with my family… but a month ago i went to guatemala on my vacations … everythin was new to me..thr culture thr tradition thr places b everything .. n i did everythin visiting places prayes n all stuff…still i got time left in the end… n when i saw the time in the end of the day..its only 8 had whole night to gooo and whole morning :O ….

    i agree with this article ..!!

    very well done…!!

  7. allah ap ke omer daras kare ma ape ke her book or colam parta hoo ouer kafi mutasir hoha hoo, such you change my life idea,tks

  8. hum bari khushiyoon ke paane ki dhoon main apne aas paas choti choti khusiyoon ko mahsoos nahin karte

  9. it just moved me n my soul too !

  10. very great Javed bhai…
    really we can feel this change…
    just as train leave one track to a little bit different track and after few minutes a huge difference is found from the previous track…
    may Allah bless you to make us realised….

  11. Ch. Sahib bohat acha aur sacha likha ape ne her aik midle age ki khani hai yeh

  12. Very nice written … I like it very much !!

  13. Aj hamarey paas kam az kam itna waqt to he k hum apni khushioun aur waqt ke kho jaane ko mehsoos kr skte hein.Mujhe to apne us mustaqbil ki fiqr he k jis mein mere paas in cheezoun ke kho jane ko mehsoos krne ka waqt bhi na hoga.

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