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Mohabbat Ka Virsa




  1. rate trend model assessment

  2. There is a culture of love and affection from the people to their leader in this country. And even they are remembering them in their lives. But what the leaders and the young generation is doing. Are they willing to take interest what’s happening in the country. Just a few percent of the young generations and just a few people in all the parties are the person who should be our leader remaining are all corrupt mafia. How do you see it.
    In the Law everyone have the equal right to participate in election but how it will be possible when a huge election compaign you have required to do so.

  3. Muhammad Ansar

    Hi Fatima Bhutto
    You are great and your father was also great .I saw him in Karachi and realy he was great and you are aslo his copy;Don’t worry about hard ships.Great people always face problems i am with u,your thouths,your ways and always pray for your longerlife.God bless you with atention free life amin.
    allah hafiz
    From KSA
    Muhammad ansar
    Your Follower

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