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Miraflores Ka Khaima – Naveed Taj Ghouri

In this Latest Urdu Column, Naveed Taj Ghouri narrates the story of Venezuela recent floods and how well its President, Hugo Chavez has responded it as compare to our characterless rulers of Pakistan with moral-less and shameful attitude for the flood effectees. Chaves has opened his palace Miraflores  for flood effected families and Chavez himself living in an Arabian tent given by Libyan President Muammar Qaddafi… A must read!!!




  1. u r right, Allah hamain bcha ly in coorrupt logun sy

  2. in haramzado ko maut nahi yad hai.

  3. Afsoos itni talkh haqiqetoan k btany k bawojood ksi b khukmaran k kanoon per JOo tk nai ringti. Talkh elwfaaz per mushtamil itny column likhy jaty hain per in writers k columns in be-zmeer leaders per koi aser nai krty

  4. ghouri sb, nice column. may u live long.(a,ameen)

  5. Syeda Saman Gulzar

    Ik Teer Meray Seenay Main Maara K Haaye Haaye……
    Jahaan Hukm-Raan Faqeer Hon……… Wahaan Awaam Badshah Hotay Hain.
    Aur Jahaan Hukm-Raan Badsha Hon Wahaan Awaam Faqeer.
    Yeh Mulk Sirf Jagirdaaro Ki Milkiyyat Hai.
    Jab Tak Mulk Jaagir-Daaro K Shikanjay Se Nahi Niklay Ga…….. Iss Mulk K Awaam Ki Haalat Behter Nahi Hi.

  6. Yes, very true but it is so sour…. here a question is that who is the responsible of this kind of act? Our govt. or the people of Pakistan who elect these rulers on them. Think about it….

  7. yes.all ok i agreed with your point of view, but the thing is how to change the system of unjustice in pakistan our country.now a days i feel complete hopless in young generation , which is so much dangerious,

  8. yaar baat to such hai mager yaha koi sunnay wala nahi hai yaha to logo na apna aik mahel bachnay ka liya gariboo ko tabha or barbad ker diya. lakin dakhnay wali baat yah hai ka aanay wala waqat main yah garib or lutay howay loog aanay wala intaygabat main pihir un he he badmashoo ko woot datay hain ya apna woot say ko tabdily ke kosish ketay hain GOD bless Pakistan

  9. dat da spirit..our gov should folow dm….

  10. hmm fabolous..u raised a nyc point bt a prob z dat
    actualy,our rulerz have
    Spectacles on deir eyez which shw dm da wayz hw v can fill deir pockts,how v can make happy 2 America,dy didnt want 2 c da poverty,common man’s problmz nd criez ov aftcd ppl….wn dy put it aside dn dy vl b able 2 c where v stand?wt typ ov problmz r facing common ppl in ds country…dn dy vl nt say sugar z luxuiry,dnt use it…God bless a honest person to our country……

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