Mehfooz Raaste

Mere Mutabiq


  1. dr shahid sahib which things v evcevd from the program “miry mutabik”i never be know about this.i thing you should alwasy be front of camras same informating to us.all soprt to you and prayers from “miskeen”people for you all the best

  2. You were doing a great job and no one can do such jehad.. I am impressed from all of your work.. But can any one tell me any other web site address of Dr Shahid Masood as I never saw him after emergency..please forward me his address to
    Best regards.. to all..

    Allah may help Dr Shahid Masood and his colleagues…

  3. I completely agree with you.
    Excellent analysis.
    But I am afraid they will not allow you to continue…

  4. its very nice .And i pray to ALLAH to give more strength to Dr,Shahid , its realy jihad.

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