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Massage Parlour



  1. nice to write this for us that things should be telling by our electronic media but .he himself like to do obey this types off thinks …bring our younger in wrong way of against of our identification ….

  2. Just been reading up on another site about this.

  3. orya,
    You are one of those columnists who are earning dollars from your corrupt govt shame on you all

    • He is not serving Govt!!! he is on a post of state… holding and serving public office… 1st understand civil service, which is not a political governmental designation!

  4. keep reading and keep spreading the word… and link of the columns page through your friends and network. Thanks for appericiation

  5. Salam,

    Thanx Orya Maqbool sb for such efforts..
    we should spread such columns among society through emails so that people will be aware of such cruel and dangerous gangs who are growing within us.. so that might we will wake up!


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