Javed Chaudhry describes the humiliation the US treats Pakistanis, in his latest Urdu Column. Also the preparation of Our delegation in 3rd round of US-Pak Strategic Dialouge.


  1. Do you think Army run this countery from a place located behind the scene.

    Some thinks that we should make an Army Chief, President of Pak on the eve of his retirement.

    He will be best being Commander in chief and the President. And he will be able to handle Army and Politicians nicely with same stick.

  2. Sir Bilcul sahi Baat ki Ape Nay

  3. javaid sb what u did for this type of salook with you

  4. is tarah hi hota is tarah k kamon main

    To jhuka jab ghair k aagay na tan tara na man(Iqbal)

  5. Great Javed Jee plz update day by day

  6. Dear Javed
    If people like you deal then what will happen to our ordinary Peoples. OMG..

  7. humay america ke in lolipops ko rud ker k apnay future plans or strategies ko khul ker byan krna chaye……

  8. Tariq Umar Chauhdry

    Amrika khan bahdar ki asal tasvir ka aik rukh, samajhne walon ke lie.

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