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Kon Thien Kahan Chali Gayien – Dr. Shahid Masood

May this Article force you to feel from the core of heart! A tearful story ….

Mere Mutabiq


  1. Dr Zafar Iqbal

    Evenif Ghazi brothers and their armed persons were culprits (it is debatable though), about 2000-3000 innocent children studying their were surely innocent, who were crucified there, and their bodies finds in Islamabad Nullahs (nalahs), girls and boys together. Our army with intelligence and commandos had the capabilities to catch the 100 militants there with much less bloodshed. I think objective was to show to US, EU and NATO what Musharraf and his close associates (including Ijaz-ul-Haque, Chaudhary brothers etc.) were prepared to do for them, to seek the support of US, EU and NATO to support them remain in power for yet another 5 years or So. Unfortunate for them, this went out of their control and all of them are now being humiliated, either by Courts, by public through pools in Pakistan Elections 2013 or by poor afghani gorilla forces in Afghanistan.

  2. Allah dono taraf k logon ko aqal de.. Aise sanhe dono parties ki ghaltiyon se hote hen ,, ye kaam musharf aur masjid ki intizamya se kerwaya gaya aur kerwne wale peeche hat gaye.. marwaya army aur masom logon ko..is article me jo kich bhi likha gaya he to dukh bhara to in panch salon aise cases q nhn kerwae gaye q nhn video shops jalai gain .. auntiyon ko q nahin mara gaya parliment pr qabza q nhn kia gaya ,, samaj me nhn ata jab govt he to masjid me itna aslaha kese aya.. Kia makasid the ..!??? Agar Musharaf ne thik nhn kia to us k sath k sab logon ko pakra jae.. Benazir k qatlon ko pakra jae , Altaf ko pakra jae us ne kitne marwae koi counting to hogi… Nawaz sharif ne musharaf ka plane utarne. se rok diya,,aur apne dour me adalat pr attack kia aur aaj to had hoga jin ko aik bar na ahil karar diya election k liye dosri bar wohi ahal hogaye,,,?????????

  3. Ye Article parhney k bad meri ankho me meri choti sister ka chera aa gaya or me bachpan se 1 khuvhis dil me rakhta tha k me bara ho ker Pakistan Army me jaho ga lekin Lal Masjid k operation k bad me ne teh ker liya k ab Pak foj join nai kerni

  4. After reading this i cried like a little kid!! :'(
    Pakistan army should not have done what it did at lal masjid! Instead the negotiations should have come to a positive end and this should have ended peacefully! Only God knows how many innocent girls and ladies have been martyred in this bloody operation! :'(
    Ya Allah mujhey maaf kijye k main ney yeh honay sey nahin rokh saka, ameen ya rab :'(

  5. Muhammad Ahsan Javed

    mera ankhe bheeg chuki ha aur dil khoon k ansu ro raha ha …

  6. dr,sb. i m stunned and not able to write a single more word.

  7. Are you a professional journalist? You write very well.

  8. musharaf murdabad musharaf murdabad
    Allah is ko or is ky familay ko bhi isi tarah khoon ky ansoo rullaey
    suma Ameen

  9. mane ye article bht phlay prha tha or mujay us wqt ro gya tha lekn mushrraf sy gila kia karien jb wakia hoa to hm sb kia us wqt so rhy thy aray aj b wqt ha k hm khud apny mulk sy burae ka khatma karein phr dekhein k musalmsn kesi tarakki krta.

  10. AOA
    ess colum ko manyy bohett phlyy parha meryy to ghar kay qariib he howa sub kuch elfaz nahee bayan kaya karoo muhyy to Allah syy darr lagta hy rozy qayamat agerr mujh syy sawal hogeya k tumm bhee muslim thyy tumm ny kyoo kuch na keya. Dunya ny dekha Mushraff kayy sathh joo howa PLMQ k sath jo howa LAL MASJID operation k badd jo hamaryy mulk parr Azabb nazill horaha hy yee subb ussii kee karya hy Ya Allah Musharaf or jiss Jiss ny Jiss Jiss tareqyy sy lal Majid operation my kessi be tara ka hesa dala Ya ALLAH dunya me hee un sub koo Ebratt ka neshan bana dyy takayy subb dekhyy or Mushraff ko Toba ka mouka bee na dyy uss ko Jahanam ke akhree thekanyy main phncha.


  11. Muhammad Saad Farid

    After reading this column Dr sahab main khoon kay ansoo ro raha hun kay is mulq ko ALLAH apnay hifzo aman main rakahay.Ameen nd the little and innocent childrens of LAL MASJID may ALLAH rest them peace

  12. If this is just a column, I would say that among the Urdu columnists this is enough to keep him alive forever in this field, but I don’t know what haunts me, whenever I read this. May Allah forgive us, Allah will ask us, that these girls were roasted in phosphorus and you people were enjoying at TV sets!!!

  13. i think we r all pakistani by name. we dont have time to even think for the future of our country. we dont know today, how our parents spend their precious lives to get this land. we r just making pakistan a joke for othe nations. we must start thinking before it gets too late becoz it would b very hard to live under non muslim rulers

  14. Faisal Ghaffar

    jawed Ch. has also written a very touchy artical regarding this incident of laal masjid.He said who have contributed in that sin are getting reward in their life like Musharaf who has become the most irrespectable personality of the Pakistan PMLQ got reward on election benazir who supported that action is no more our so called Pak Army having suiside attacks almost every day…governament of that time cut the electricity of laal masjid during operation now we are having load shading of upto 18 hrs in a day governament cut their water supply now we dont have water in our cannals and riwers governament cut the supply of thier food now we are in short of aata…actually we all were quite during that action so we all are paying now and we pay untill almighty Allah forgive us so better to ask His mercy and Prof. Zubairi sahab keep your f**king seculer thought with you we all are educated and we know what Islam teaching us
    may Allah keep Dr shahid Masood,Hamid meer & Jawed Ch and all of us in his care
    Asalam O alaikum

  15. A very well writen touching the core of the heart and intensely sad article.But one thing i want to ask why Mushharraf did that? How long will he live 100 or more then 100 years ,even then he has to face his misdeeds who give suggestions to him dont he have a wife , a mother and children ?can he imagine his blood facing all that,after all he has to loose and he is the big looser and the worst personality of this centuary.

  16. I dont have words really aaj office main beth ker suba se 10 bar ye article parh chuka hoon dil chah ra hai k kuch is dil se nikle jo main likh sakoon mager is dil main itni taqat nahi jo is alamnaak sanihye per kuch likh sake,, bus dua hai k ALLAH unseb ko jo LAL MASJID main apne islam ki khatir shaheed huey unhe Jannat main khas muqam ata farmaye ameen.

  17. i can say only this that may Allah save us all as the Time has come and we are going to loose everything soon.

  18. Really Well Wriiten and refelects our feelings and emotions. What Happened is a disgrace and feel ashamed that this miliatry establishment has not learnt the lesons from Bangladesh. Killing innocent civilians is a sin.

  19. after reading this article i weopt a lot, hum to ye sirf immagine ker ke hi rotey hain ke wahan kiya huya ho ga lekin jin per guzri hai un ka kiya hal ho ga? uss choti si bachi ka kiya qasoor tha jis ne abhi kuch bhi nahi dekha tha jo abhi baali umer se hi bahir nahi nikli thee uss bari nbehan ka qasoor tha jis ne aur jis ke parents ne uss ki shaadi ke barey mein kitney hio khawab sajaye hon gein iss tarah sankaroun young girls ka kiya qasoor tha ke in saffak hukmaranon ne iss taraf ki mot di meri dua hai ke jis, jis ne ye kiya hai jiss jis ka zara a bhi iss kaam contribution raha hai Allah usse aisi mout dey ke uss ki naslein yaad raklhein itni aziyat wali mout ho wo aur mujhe uss rab se puri umeed hai ke wo iss duniya mein na sahi lekin akhrat mein un ko un ke kiye ka badla zaroor de ga (inshAllah)

  20. when i study this colum i feel we cannot live in a muslim state because in my opnion a true cannot act uopn such action it is a pain full action for all the muslim socity Dr shahid GOD bless u for this effort

  21. A.A
    some people are too much obsorved in to their metrial peroccuption they done like these act of things
    I thing i am the werst man on the universie but when i read these lines on jamia Hasfa
    to mara rony ko dil chaha
    my request to the effected people
    ” bohat khuskismat hota hai jo khuda ke raha main jan data hai. dakhny ka har roz log marty hain mager bohla daiy jaty hain agar koi yaad rakhta hi to un logo ka relative or or un logo ko azizo aqurab magar jamia hasfa ka shado ko kabi be bohlya nai ja sakta”

  22. asmaa ki storey parh kar dil bahoot dukha khuda karray k mushaf ki mout ebrat nak hoo aur os ki maa ki zindgi mein hoo

  23. I have two childern 1 daughter and 1 son and i always had a wish to send them to our Armed Forces but by seeing the crual face of Musharraf and reading the above article it has changed my opinion and i wish may Allah safe guard our country and may all the souls of LAL Masjid rest in Peace

  24. The tragic events of Lal Masjid reflect on the tragic make-up of our Muslim society. On the one hand are foreign agents trying to please their masters and on the other are half-educated priests (in a supposedly priestless religion of Islam) exploiting our youth for their bread and leadership. I would like to know when in his 23 years of preaching did our prophet advised of the methodology to use young girls to enforce Islam in a manner the priests of masjid employed. Islam is what the prophet showed in details not what we engineer today. Islamists need to take over the government through democratic and Islamic way and then enforce their version thru “shura” in a Muslim republic, the way Quran advises. The government should have refrained from police action and the priests should have not interfered with government writ. Our sisters should not die working for unislamic priests. ( Dr.Zubairi)


  26. The most shameful incident of Pak’s history for which our army is reponsible who claims itself the guardian of the idealogical boundries of the country based on Islam. I wonder what the hell will these people answer to ALLAH on the DAY OF JUDGEMENT!!!
    They will burn in hell forever INSHALLAH!!!

  27. Syed Uzair Ahsan

    This was the worst ever incident in my life. previous worst incident was shahadat of 70 students in Bajore. i am resident of karachi. i have always been supporting musharraf. after this incident i am praying a painful and embarrassing end for him. Aameen


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