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Khusra Azam – Javed Chaudhry



  2. zbardast thats nice and very true i am cent percent agree with u.may allah give u the courage to write for us

  3. itni be izzati per khusre naraz ho jayen ge… aakhir unki bhi izzat hai… aap ne unhein kitne ghatya logon se mila dia… waise 18 crore awam mein saare khusre nahi… main aur aap tou ho sakte hein lekin saare awam nahi… 🙂
    Itni Bahaaduri se column likhne per Mubarakbaad

  4. dear javed sb
    very nice .please is qom ko jagain .is ko apnay haq kay lie lernay k liyay batain

  5. Javaid Sb! good job done. You have mentioned Khusras in almost every field in Pakistan but probably forgot to mention JOURNALISM. I am quite sure there are few who can beat everyone.

  6. saiam javed sir very nice column is waqt waqie hum sari awam hi khusron k qabil hen bcoz hum men aisi mardangi waqie ni hy k hum apny mulk ko bcha saken

  7. salam javed chudari

    why r u comparing bad people with khusra, Khusara r also human, God made them,


    who r u? and why r u insulting Khusra ?

    shame shame shame…….

  8. Muhammad Awais Qaisrani

    Javid bhai nice article.

  9. If They are affected by such words then HuM SuB UmeeD SaY HaiN is a best show in this respect. Their hearts are dead now. How can they feel about the misery of mass? while they are enjoying luxurious rooms N eating delicious food which they snatch from the layman N just they pay 100 or so on bills. And if we talk about the crippled people, to , they are caught in deep marshes. they could nothing except this, they baycoat all those goods whose prize exceed from their budget.

  10. Is khusra competion me hamare watan ki sari leadership ko participate hona chahie tha, agche woh phisical khusre naheen hein mager woh zameer ke khusre zaroor hein, yeh title hamara hi banta hei

  11. I feel sorry for pakistan

  12. Agar ye MUQABLA America mein hota tu shaid hamaray KHUSRAY shauq sey jaty.

  13. apki azmat ko salute azeem salute

  14. bilkul thek kaha sb khusray tabi to khuch thek nai krskty sharam arai hai but in khusru ko bi sharam nai aiygi abi bi

  15. Mr. Zardar is a Greatest “Khusra-e-Azam”.
    Is ko bhi yaad rakhye ga, yeh na ho kay baad mein yeh kahein kay mujhe to khilaya hi nahi.

  16. hahaa…..hamari soi hui rohon ko jaganay ka acha tareeqa hai but sir…..i totally disagree k awam is aaty ke buhraan , cheeni ki masnui qillat etc pe kch kr skti hai !
    siwaaey juloos nikalnay k awam kya kray ?
    koi authority nahi hai is k paass !!!
    aap hi kch apni danest k mutabiq mashwara dijye k awam akhir kya kray ???

  17. salam sir ji app ki azmat ko salam ajj app ne wo kam ker dekhia jo ajj tak koi nahi ker saka mujhey to ye sun ker hi dukh howa k pakistan main kissy ko iss MUQABLA E HUSSAN ka pata nahi chala bawajood iss k wahan per to hkumat hi KHSRA AZAM ki hi

  18. Wah Wah Javed chaudhyr sahab Ajj tou khul k app ne likh diya lagta hai meddaan me uter gai Q k zalim k khilaf likha bhi jihad a Allah app ko tofiq atta farmaye.

  19. Sir Javed! you are right in what you said in your article, why dont you establish an organization and act upon your thoughts and the ideas in your mind, we all are with you.

  20. Dear Sir, Your articles are super, You have a gr8 knowledge and also a writing ability..

  21. Well said dr asaad rizwan, you are right in realities we are almost dead, we are shameless, and senseless. We elected fake degree holders again, even our PM supported one of them. We are now totally out of common sense. We still buy sugar @ 120/KG and do nothing. We pay 2% more on electricity bills every month, every month. We know who are the factory owners of sugar mills but we do nothing. We do nothing on weekly drone attacks on our people. This show how senseless we are and yes this article is pointing to all of us.


  23. Sir, i always read your masterpieces and you are my first and last ideal, sir, see we have a piece of part in our heart by default for those “khusras” who are everywhere around us. See Zulqarnain may be right on his act because their is no career of a talented one in our country so he is seeking his future elsewhere….am i right sir?

  24. dear javed sb..u r right..every word u said is right..
    my respected brother shahzad,,i would like to say,,that our nation (common layman+leaders) is in a state of numbness n coma..u r right in the sense that javed sb. should use a little bit more decent n appropriate words..but look at the scene of our country..
    wenever u say something to other person..u judge his calibre of shame n respect which he has in his mind n then u say something to him..
    now a days..its our dilemma..that we are so much shameless that routine words n talks dont affect us..(although i am certain that these words of javed sb. will also be failed in front of cruel n shameless leaders)..but lets hope that may these words act as a whip for those idiots in bureaucracy n leadreship..
    i think its more appropriate in todays circumstances
    good luck n best wishes for all of you.
    gud day

  25. Javed that good but some low standard please don’t mind brother I really respect and I am a big big fan of. This article is a good criticism on all of us but if read care this is very low level criticism. You are so much professional, intellectual, excellent writer and good speaker you could make it more healthy and interesting. Well, any how may be are now so much deep in our low standards that it seem ok for us 🙂

  26. Fazal-Ullah-Farhan

    Javed Bhai very good Article. aap nay aaj bahaduri dekhaee hai yay Aticle likha kar. Good and keep it up…….

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