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Khana Jangi Se 2 Inch Duur


  1. very nice sir i totlly agree with u

  2. very true mr.choudary, actually v shudn’t c what iftikhar choudary did in 1999, it was surely his mistake but what matters is he had come back to fight for the right n he was punished because of that. “subah ka bhoola shaam ko ghar aajaaey to usko bhoola nahin kehtay”

  3. what do you mean when you say ” after 60 years judges like Iftikhar C etc are born” didn;t they take oatrh under PCO in 1999? Mr Choudhary should fight to restore judges who were forefully retired in 1999. He was made CJ because of that. now suddenly he has worn the clothes of “Nijaat Dahinda”
    aren’t we fed of wolves in sheep’;s clothes already?

  4. Haha, Javed Choudhary, you are the biggest fool. You are trying to cast pearls before swines???????

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