Kaam Chor

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  1. Javeed ji,
    I am fan of your articles, I am 100% agree with you on many matters and on this ‘KAM CHOAAR’ people as well, but keep in mind. West work only 5 days a week. And most pakistani working 6 days week. Give them bit chance to enjoy life as well. I live in New York, and i now how hard life is in these countries.
    All writers just want to give examples of west without any experience. There are plenty of ‘KAM CHOAR’ in everywhere in the world, especially in US.
    Enjoy! and let Pakistanies Enjoy their life as well. You and all other writers, can only critize on Pakistanies. Do you have any idea to change it? I hope to hear from you and other writers ‘How To’ articles, rather “F’d up” stories.

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